What to buy tomorrow: Delvaux bags spanning two centuries

Posted by alice on October 31st, 2018

Delvaux Fall and Winter 2018 Series Handbags Delvaux Fall and Winter 2018 Series Handbags have always been regarded as a model of exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality. This season, Delvaux's craftsmen have broken through the conventions by applying rare leather materials to new products and combining them perfectly with exceptional new designs with advanced manufacturing techniques. The fur, sheepskin and reflective materials presented in the new product are all made from the best raw materials, and strive to create the unique scenery of the long cold night, polar climate and magnificent glacial age.

White buckles this season have seen Delvaux incorporate pure white buckles into its classic LeBrillant for the first time. LeBrillant series came out in 1958. It is one of the most representative styles of Delvaux so far. And this white button is undoubtedly a highlight of this season's design, and more cleverly with the brand's pure white tone based on the new concept of retail stores echo. Ice and snow blue and metallic Delvaux's "ice and snow color" this season is a perfect blend of blue and gray, creating a winter night Aurora borealis, elegant but also withstand the test of time. And the metallic texture of the "mirror" for the classic Lee Brillant and Le Madame series to add a touch of dynamic modern flavor. The cherry and ivory colors in this season's new product are also inspired by the fascinating Arctic landscape. These two new tones are used in Pearl fish skin and other rare materials. Soft and casual in this season's new products, Givry series ushered in a casual and elegant new member "Le Givry With Me".

Meanwhile, EveryD's new Leisure EveryD handbags will continue to improve Delvaux's leisure line. Precious fur and rare leather Delvaux series this autumn and winter is different from the past, the use of mink skin, fox skin and fine wool and other precious fur for new products to add a delicate soft touch experience. At the same time, the new bag used hardware accessories have also brought unexpected surprises, Madame Safari series of new products are matched by three kinds of natural leather mixture, after a number of complex processes made. Delvaux this season's new product line undoubtedly makes every luxury enthusiast is fascinated, its unique avant-garde design and exquisite craftsmanship all the time highlights Delvaux's luxury status and extraordinary temperament.

Delvaux was founded in Brussels in 1829. It is the oldest luxury leather brand in the world. In the past two hundred years, Delvaux has designed more than 3000 original handbags, which has made the classic of the brand handed down. Delvaux has an exact Belgian pedigree, a sense of relativity, a reserved understatement and a sense of humor. It highlights many elements of Belgian history in subtleties, such as the Surrealist style of Rene Magritte, the painter Rene Magritte, in tangible detail, reminiscent of Belgium's splendid and long-standing art and literature. Since 1883, Delvaux has always been a supplier to the Belgian Royal family. In her consistent pursuit of excellence, she has produced more than 3,000 leather goods for members of the Royal family, creating a noble and lasting brand image.

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