Divorce Mediation in NYC - A Relatively Speedy and Low Cost Alternative

Posted by Nydivorcemediators on November 1st, 2018

Ending a marriage can be an emotionally-fraught process that is distracting and time-consuming. Divorce mediation in NYC is often the best path for those who want to avoid the litigious and expensive route of using traditional divorce lawyers. With the help of an experienced divorce mediator in NYC, you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse can discuss all the matters related to the dissolution of your marriage in a calmer and more productive setting. Mediation is often the better choice especially when there are children involved. It reduces the stress of divorce and can even make future interactions with your ex-spouse a lot easier.


How long does mediation take?

Every divorce case is different and some are resolved faster than others, especially if both parties are extremely cooperative. On an average, though, the process takes three or four mediation sessions lasting two hours each. These sessions are typically spread out over least a month (or two). Complex divorce cases take longer—up to six months in some instances. Still, mediation is much faster than a litigious divorce that can take years to get finalized.

By the end of the mediation, the attorney mediator will finalize a settlement agreement that is customized based on the specific needs of your situation. The settlement should sufficiently address all concerns and issues relating to your separation—from division of properties to child custody, and everything in between. The settlement will receive Court approval.

Costs involved

Aside from being faster, NYC divorce mediation also costs a lot less than a litigious divorce. Litigated divorces cost an average of ,000 and often go higher than that. Meanwhile couples who chose mediation only spend ,000 to ,000 on average. Even if you do end up spending twice this average, your total costs will still be less than half of what you will probably spend on divorcing in the traditional way.

Choosing a mediator

Divorce mediators in New York City—who are also usually lawyers—have the background, experience, and expertise required to help the divorcing spouses dissolve their marriage quickly and efficiently. It’s prudent to choose an ‘attorney mediator’ if you are interested in this route. Select someone who is a registered member of the New York bar and has more than a decade of specific experience in divorce mediation in NYC. The best divorce mediators are not only extremely knowledgeable of the laws—they also know how to handle possible arguments between the divorcing parties during sessions in a calm and compassionate manner.


About the Author:

David Escoffery, Attorney Mediator at NY Divorce Mediators, has many years of experience in divorce mediation. NY Divorce Mediators specializes in divorce mediation, which is an expert service that enables clients to receive a fast, amicable and affordable divorce or separation with the help of a neutral attorney acting as divorce mediator.

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