What is domestic violence and how can a lawyer be of help to you?

Posted by Pisanilaw on November 1st, 2018

Disagreements between family members and people living under the same roof are quite common. However, when such disagreements and conflicts reach an extreme point, more often than not there are instances of domestic violence. A person is said to be guilty of domestic violence if he or she physically assaults someone else or threatens to do so. Contrary to what people might think, in order to be accused and arrested for a domestic violence crime, the “victim” and the arrestee need not be living in some kind of domestic partnership or be married to each other.

For anyone who has been accused of domestic violence, the legal implications can be quite huge. In fact, the person can face serious challenges when it comes to child custody or holding on to a job or employment. In such cases, the best thing to do would be to get in touch with a Domestic Violence Lawyer Denver County who an offer effective legal support and help in resolving the legal hassles.

The nature of domestic assault as a legal allegation

A case of domestic violence assault can involve a misdemeanor such as a slap, a push or threats of violence against a person. It can also incorporate a felony where the spousal abuse leads to serious lasting injuries.

Professionals such as child care workers and teachers whose task it is to deal with others can lose their working license or jobs if they are accused of domestic violence. Individuals working in the military can lose their careers once they are accused of domestic violence. They can also lose their rights to carry or own a gun. If you are a resident of Colorado who has been accused of the crime of domestic violence, you may face enhanced penalties for all future criminal charges when you establish yourself as some habitual offender.

Domestic violence allegations can also have serious ramifications for you in case of divorce and custodial disputes. So if you have previous records of domestic violence, you should discuss your case with a family law expert to know what can that mean for you.

Domestic Violence Law

Domestic Violence is usually defined as a form of violence, injury, assault or physical harm, or a threat involving fear of some imminent physical harm occurring between these following individuals:

· Current or former spouses

· Parents and children

· Individuals living together

· Boyfriends and girlfriends

· Individuals who used to live together in the past

· Other related individuals

In the sphere of domestic violence, the defendants usually face a situation of assumed guilt. Professional Domestic Violence Lawyer Commerce City can offer smart and effective defense for individuals who find themselves accused of such violence. These lawyers work with clients as well as legal authorities for protecting the needs and rights of family members who are charged with the accusation of domestic violence. The lawyers also work on alternatives to a prison sentence that may include an enrollment in some domestic violence education program.

Domestic violence and a restraining order

If you have been accused of domestic violence in Colorado, you will be presented with a restraining order, also known as an MPO or mandatory protection order. The MPO works as a court order which directs you to function in specific ways in relation to the alleged victim. The MPO can instruct you to completely refrain from making any direct contact with a victim, either by email or phone or in person. If you are issued an MPO, it means that you cannot stay in a place where the victim is going to be present.

How professional lawyers in Colorado can help

A professional domestic violence lawyer in Colorado can take up your case and offer you effective legal support to make sure that you are free from the allegations of being a perpetrator of domestic violence. Being accused of such a heinous crime can make it rather difficult for you to live your life normally. In such cases, an experienced lawyer or a law firm that has been in business for many years can provide you with the legal support that you need to clear your name of the bad press associated with domestic violence accusations.

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