Long Island Divorce Mediation: Understand the Framework for Discussing Financial

Posted by Nydivorcemediators on November 1st, 2018

Divorcing couples who want to reach an equitable and clear-cut agreement on financial obligations without taking the litigious route can seek the help of mediators who provide Long Island divorce mediation services.

Divorce mediators are highly experienced in helping couples understand their financial capabilities and corresponding obligations. They also provide a financial, child support, and alimony framework that is agreeable to both the parties. This agreement has to be sustainable, realistic, and maintainable. Discussing finances with a soon to be ex-spouse can be stressful and emotional, which is why it often makes sense to have a third-party—such as a Long Island divorce mediator—manage the conversation and ensure a fruitful result.

You may be wondering: What are the things factored in the child support and alimony calculation? The two main ones are (1) the current and (2) the foreseeable financial capability of each parent. Divorce mediators can modify or adjust the financial outline upon the request of both the parties there should be changes in their financial status or ability to provide monetary support down the line.

Child visitation schedules will also be a major discussion during divorce mediation. To ensure that the best interests of the child are protected, mediators encourage the divorcing parents to peacefully agree on a visitation schedule that is realistic based on their work schedule and usual activities. The child’s own schedule and daily activities are also considered—such as school events, after-school activities, etc. The agreement needs to adhere to the Child Support Standards Act, and all contracts and financial frameworks have to follow the NY Maintenance Guidelines.

The best mediators are often lawyers themselves. They don’t attempt to save marriages, but they can help you separate amicably and minimize stress during an otherwise litigious process. Talking about money during a divorce can be difficult, but mediators know how to handle heated arguments and get the discussion back on track. This often results to a faster divorce and the preservation of an amicable relationship between the couple—and puts a lot less stress on the kids.

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David Escoffery, Attorney Mediator at NY Divorce Mediators, has many years of experience in divorce mediation. NY Divorce Mediators specializes in divorce mediation, which is an expert service that enables clients to receive a fast, amicable and affordable divorce or separation with the help of a neutral attorney acting as divorce mediator.