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Let?s Know your Future by Feet Reading

Posted by panditadityaastro on November 1st, 2018

Each and every part of your body has its essentiality is its own term. Their importance may not be visible from naked eyes but it contributes a lot to the efficient functioning of your body. Our entire body is interconnected; each body part is dependent on another to play its part effectively.

Astrology also has the same to say about our bodies. By the art of reading palm, face and other body parts one can get a glance of its personality, character, behavior, destiny, future, past, present and fortune.  Likewise, the study of feet reading, that includes the size, shape, color, structure, and curvature of your feet can tell a lot about you!

It is usually said, that eyes are a window to one’s soul, a palm is a map to one’s fate and the less read yet important part, the feet it bears the essence of their existence.

In the study of Vedic astrology and Vedic tradition, the ancient sages devoted their time, and energy to unravel the secrets within the human body. They basically analyzed the human body based on the knowledge of human features.

Are you also curious to know, what your feet have to say about your personality? Pandit Aditya Ji is the Top Indian Astrologer in Australia. He offers accurate future predictions and holds years of experience in astrology/feet reading. He is regarded as the Best Online Astrologer in Brisbane.

Let us show how feet reading can reveal the different aspects of your personality.

Different Shapes of Feet

  1. Wide Feet

A person with wide feet is considered as grounded. Such people are happy when they are busy with a lot of work. They have solid worker feet and are very active.

  1. Long and Narrow Feet

People with long and narrow feet like to be pampered as they are brought up lovingly and affectionately. They are very aesthetic and acknowledge the beauty of art. They have a great sense of beauty. They in believe in admiration and appreciation of beauty.

  1. Small Toe Finger on Its Side

The people who have the little finger facing towards its side instead upwards, they are considered to be atypical and defiant.

Different Sizes of the Toe

Pandit Aditya Ji offers perfect and remarkable predictions about your personality.  He has the world famous Spiritual Mediums in Brisbane.

  1. Big Toe of the Foot

The people who have the big toe the tallest among all the toes, they are extremely creative and have innovative ways and methods of solving problems.

The people who have the big toe smaller than the other toes, they are very efficient in performing many tasks simultaneously. Such people don’t hesitate to give their work to juniors for their progress and have a personality to charm the people to work with them.

  1. 2nd Toe of the Foot

A woman with longer second toe is considered to be dominating in the family. Such people have all the leadership qualities and are a multi-tasker.  They also expect others to finish off the tasks quickly.

The one who has small second toe is humble and gentle. They tend to value relationships very much.

  1. 3rd Toe of the Foot

The people who have the third finger longer, they are regarded to be energetic and has a strong willpower.

The people who have third finger shorter than among all the others, they are relaxed and care-free people who tend to enjoy the pleasures of life.

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