Benefits of LED Sports Field Lighting

Posted by AffordableLighting- A Division of Complete Lighting, Inc. on November 2nd, 2018

Sports stadium operators know the importance of increasing revenue and cutting costs. They understand that by improving the playing and viewing experiences for both the players and the fans, they attract a larger audience to their venues. Appropriate sports lighting can help them accomplish both these goals.

LED lighting replicates natural sunlight on playing surfaces in a better manner. Thus, it gives athletes a better view and angle, thereby allowing them to perform to their full capabilities. On the other hand, it also allows fans to see the action with more clarity.

The direction or speed of a ball that passes through a shadow can be misjudged even by a professional player. Unevenly lit surfaces can distract them from using their skills to their best advantage. LED sports field lighting are configurable, so you can configure them to eliminate shadows and dark spots on the playing surface.

Further, it allows to give the clearest possible broadcast picture (with no flicker or distortion) on television and live-streaming broadcasts. This has become essential since the sports world today relies a lot on replays.

Costs saving is another advantage of appropriate LED sports stadium lighting. They help produce a better illumination at lower operating costs than traditional stadium lighting since they use less energy and have a useful life expectancy. Moreover, they can even be controlled with a central system.

Some of the leading lighting solution services bring lighting fixtures, products and services to your doorstep and pride themselves in providing only the best quality lighting fixtures, ranging from LED lighting fixtures to Light Poles and adapters. All their products are tried and tested by their team of highly skilled professionals to ensure quality control. Whether you are looking for indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for parking lots, sports lighting for indoors or lighting solutions for industrial buildings, all their lighting solutions are just a click away.

Sports Lighting fixtures are available in two types: standard metal halide and the new LED style.

  • Standard metal halide are ideal for sports field lighting, back yard sports courts, parks, signs, parking lots, and other general applications where sports lighting may come into use. They are available in 3 common wattages including 400 - 1000 - 1500 watt metal halide.

  • LED sports light has wattages ranging from 158 watt (750 equivalent) to 567 watts  (1500-2000 equal). So, they will equal or surpass every lighting fixture you have. Since there are so many LED wattage choices, there are no limits for using them. You can accomplish any lighting spec you have in mind.

AffordableLighting- A Division of Complete Lighting, Inc.

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