A Great Comeback of Sukam in the Solar Industry

Posted by loomsolar on November 2nd, 2018

Basic necessity is the most vital things one desires for in a daily life such as adequate water supply, plenty of fresh air, continuous electricity running in the home. Although several people get insufficient things to reside in.

Many deals with inadequate water supply and electricity in their routine and draw-back like power-cut, a low supply which messes up a jovial life. But there is always a solution to every problem.

An enterprise which takes responsibility to overcome most of the problems faced by people in their monotonous routine work. The venture has such technology that supplies efficient power solutions to the customers.

Under the brand Sukam, the venture sells their solar products such as efficient inverters, solar batteries of different volts for charging, power guard an intelligent power stabilizer, generators, battery equalizers, solar grid-tie inverters, home ups fabricated with the latest technologies.


Sukam power systems are a private Indian venture that provides a solution to every power related problem by the use of their products. Hence, the company sells their products for both domestic works as well as industrial purposes.

Sukam has spread its arm across all over the globe and sell their products in different countries too as the whole world now urge to use the solar facility, therefore, the solar industry is booming and the demand of solar products thus increasing.  

Founded in 1998 by Kunwar Sachdeva as a small cable TV enterprise the founder once said he got frustrated by the frequent power-cuts so he himself designed an inverter but failed after long investment and efforts a successful venture was established as Sukam. The Head office is located in Haryana, India.


  1. Sukam have their number of patents in the energy industry
  2. It was the first venture to launch inverters made of plastic body and praised by this innovation to use the plastic in such high temperature
  3. Sukam also made Wi-Fi or smartphone operated products
  4. It made the solar street lights on roads

Primarily, Sukam focuses on solar energy how to use solar energy wisely and efficiently in their electric products. Nearly every other institution uses their products such as in petrolpumps, defense, schools, a government institution. Also won prominent awards in the field of the energy industry.

Latest Inverter of Sukam:

Sukam recently launched its smart GTI Hybrid solar inverter. A successful mix of UPS on grid inverter. it is designed so that to utilize the maximum solar power without wastage by giving extra power to the grid which reduces your electricity bill

Basically, it is the advanced design of solar inverters which gives power to the house, industry using solar. Also, contain MMPT charge controller and Bluetooth facility in it


Basic features:

1)    1KW capacity

2)    Back up time 6-10 hours

3)    Can take a load of 10leds, 2 fans, 1 TV, 1 AC

4)    The battery can be charged from electricity also

5)    MCB protected

Sukam & Loom Solar Tie-Ups:

To increase the sale and to promote their products more the ventures tie-up with fame e-marketing sites which is ethical in the business.

Sukam had collaborated with Loom Solar for their growth in the solar products and offer goods with warranty and economic friendly. Loom Solar also deliver the goods within few days so it is beneficial to tie up with such eminent e-marketing site.

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