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America is the next target of ISIS

Posted by Winniem on November 2nd, 2018


The advancement in technology has brought new techniques of establishing attacks. Technological based attacks such as cyber attacks, hacking, and system intrusions are major terrorist operations and technologies, being implemented by modern terror groups. The USA and ISIS have been in the competing for superiority in tactics and methods of combating each other in attacks. However, that supremacy of each group has resulted in vengeful attacks that cause harm to the human race.    

ISIS plan to Attack USA

            The United States of America (USA) ios one of the leading example in fighting terrorism. Being one of the anti-terror group campaigners it has risked being the enemy of terrorist groups.  The USA military group has been camping in the Middle East in an attempt to maintain peace by mitigating terror attacks within the region. According to Bakr al-Baghdadi comment, the ISIS is still making advances across continents recruiting and radicalizing young people to join ISIS sect (Weiss, 2015). According to analysis ISIS has attacked Shia Muslims of Yemen, gunned down Western tourists in Tunisia, they beheaded some Christians in Libya, were involved in bombing the Russian plane in Egypt, and conducted the Paris attack murdering as well as enslaving individuals. ISIS has continually has enforced troops in Iraq to send a warning message to the USA to cease from intervening on their missions. Their major theme is to implement a deadly attack in the USA that shall create am impact and a history in the world.

            The USA has always participated in providing resources to other countries to support them in fighting the ISIS terrorists.  For example, the US Army supported the bombing intervention as well as the military facilitating campaigns on the ground that that affected the operations of ISIS. As a result of the arrangements, the Iraq’s ISIS supporters led by the Kurdish groups in Syria questioned the USA intervention. The ISIS group, therefore, recruited over 25 percent new members in the ISIS’s territories. However, the group encountered losses huge losses due to surprise attacks supported by the USA. Most probably the losses led to the ISIS taking revenge through implementing international terror attacks in Paris as well as the bombing of the Russian flight in Egypt. The act by ISIS was a response to maintain the narrative of victory in conducting surprise attacks. They continued looking for more recruits as well as focusing on more terror attacks as a way to create a sense of persisted no retreat operations. They also discourage other foreign governments from attacking them or forming an alliance with the USA. The USA supported France to participate in the airstrikes against ISIS terror group. The global strategy and modern methods of bombing ISIS territories from the air resulted in the implementation of better strategies to implement more surprise attacks. The ISIS has become a serious threat to the global worlds whereby the foreign policy experts agree that the ISIS terror group remains a political problem to other nations including USA superpowers. However, the issue of just fighting the ISIS group using bullets missiles as well as bombs cannot bring to the end of ISIS group. The USA requires solving the political setbacks that give the group courage to attack. The political dilemmas and facts of the matter are that none of the group is willing to surrender (Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm), & Films Media Group, 2014).  The several disagreements have contributed to the ongoing fight and future fears that the USA is the next target attack victim. The persisted operations of ISIS in the Middle East countries including Russia, Iraq, and Syria is a clear indicator that USA must be the target prey in ISIS long term strategies.

Justifications For Proposed Attacks In USA

             The ISIS terror group have strategy practically demanded the revenge attacks against the USA. The strong differences that have persisted between USA and ISIS have created hatred between the two groups leading to the high opposition. The competition to reveal power has betrayed the operations of USA to retain the global democracy and binding to laws of individual rights and freedom. On the other hand, the Islamic States and other Arab territories have vowed to remain determined to implement a holy war. The idea behind ISIS is the needs to conquer the US supremacy and appear as major superpowers and controllers of diversity world. The cold war approach created by the two groups explains why the counter-terrorism experts are declaring the continued arming of the two groups as a no end war. The increased nuclear proliferation by the ISIS group has encouraged other terror groups. The process of replacing al-Qaeda as the Salafi jihadist’s global figure indicates a future planned strike. The plan of awakening al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula has indicated ISIS as having a future intention t formulate allies with the al-Qaeda’s power within their home territory. The growth and development of attacks by the ISIS have shown a determined target for the USA. The support by Shia mosques in Yemeni capital Sana’a has increased more recruits, finances as well as the prestige from ISIS supporters. The goal is perfect to displace the USA using al-Qaeda and ISIS terror groups (Schmidt, Mazzetti, Schmidt, & Mazzetti, 2016).

The strategy of ISIS to increase in number and grow into higher heights is has led to incorporating more European as well as other global citizens in the group. The plan of the ISIS to have an established Education platform through online such as Edward Snowden online university has led to more radicalization of the new members. The ISIS has a well-educated profession in the operation offices. They can establish their intelligence services and have the ability to track, monitor and interfere with the communications of their enemies. The power of technology has led to the increased use of European Union intelligence services. The ISIS has gained potential, capability, and confidence to carry attacks in the Western nations. The links established by the ISIS with the European nations has earned them a passport as powerful weapons to implement their strategic plan. The ISIS can implement attacks using similar strategies as the al-Qaeda. Most probably they shall repeatedly attack the USA using al-Qaeda tactics.  The attack on the USA remains an easy operation that may not need many struggles to enforce support. The support from Salafi jihadist, and al-Qaeda among other terror groups shall successfully allow ISIS to acquire the core global force which shall enable them to strengthen their soldiers (Schmidt, Mazzetti, Schmidt, & Mazzetti, 2016). The fact that terrorists have a common enemy is the strength of solidarity in implementing a jihad. The major cooperation from other terrorists is a guarantee and assurance of establishing a strong army that shall lead to a successful attack on the USA. ISIS has acknowledged that the fact that there is a need to recruit fanatics and deter the enemies from any interference.  The needs to offer an abiding and trained force and equip them with divine purpose are a major strategy that shall lead to a successful attack on western nations. The ISIS leaders such as Mohammed’s heirs, sacred Allah’s warriors of the Earth have established a traditional hatred of the USA thus reinforcing the ISIS potential and probability of an attack. Current members are determined to use and apply laid down objectives making it easy for them to stir up a quarrel that will fuel popular into a crushing between two parties. The major reason behind reinforcing in ISIS troops is to mark the USA as the main bull’s eye for exercising their strategic plan.

Analysis of Future Attacks In USA

The possibility of attacking the USA has a high possibility shortly. The strategy applied shall be n form of the threat issued by ISIS group. The indirect methods shall be applied to gain a force that shall make USA resolve their objectives to follow up missions of ISIS. The style of attacks implemented by ISIS using the surprise attacks shall be applied to fight the USA. Indirect attacks such as attacking USA alliances embassies and other public centers where USA citizen live shall be implemented. Full armed forces war can only be established between ISIS members in Iraq and Syria. The victories in the Middle East shall lead to filling the vacuum caused by the USA incompetence over military powers in governing operations of ISIS. Nuclear weapons and atomic bombs are expected in the ISIS army to expand a great confidence in implementing an attack (Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm), & Films Media Group, 2014). However, the cyber attacks, as well as attacks on USA systems, might be more rampant compared to attacks that happened in France under control of Charlie Hebdo. USA shall encounter attacks from people who get linked and radicalized by ISIS. The indirect interventions overseas shall involve the implementation of attacks similar to one which used three shooters in Paris.   The attacks controlled using computers shall be most rampant among the USA states ensuring that few or little attacks shall be linked to ISIS. The terror created shall require and enforce some people to leave the USA with the aim of joining the ISIS (Garber, 2015). The notion created by ISIS shall be an assurance that it’s more secure to join a sect to avoid surprise attacks. The major process that shall be involved in terrorist threat is to create events that can lead to the legitimate striking of the USA. The surveillance systems such as systems used by the department of homeland security shall be a major target to eradicate communication and network attacks. The main target shall be to havoc communication operations. The Islamic and Arab nations are more advanced in Iraq as well as the regarding advanced technologies. The organization power build by Mujahidin in Afghanistan has the potential of making more rampant attacks. The Al Qaeda managed to troops which have an alliance with ISIS have potential of operating under a small budget of only million for the international operations making it easy to finance attacks in the USA.

             Basing the technology advancements on the Al Araby, Al Jadeed, the ISIL’s group the operation budget on military weapons such as scientific atomic bombs ranges between .5bn and bn. The development of nuclear weapons by the ISIS has reached a surplus of more than 0m such trends reveal that there is a higher possibility of encountering and implementing a computerized attack. The Islamic laws which are under the influence of ISIS leaders have rules on ISIL operations requiring them to deal with the legitimacy of the USA and their dominance. The terrorist activities can be considered commonly allowable in Al Araby, Al Jadeed, and the ISIL’s groups making them demand for official declaration of the attacks (Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm), & Films Media Group, 2014). The legal basis for making attacks legal makes the limitation on ISIS operations more complicated to implement an attack in USA nations. The fact that ISIS is a radicalized group it has superiority of being able to implement a warfare that would bring immediate retaliatory strikes in the USA in future. The strikes may lead to a strong existential threat to USA security causing many of the nations appears to surrender. The major strategies of ISIS are to reveal the weakness of USA security based on existing technologies. The ISIS group is ready to dedicate a huge force of terrorists to implement technology-based attacks through cyber attacks, hacking, and intrusion of critical assets of USA. Such strategies are aimed at invoking the historical anger of USA security sector. The former leaders of Islamic Jihadists such as Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda’s vows on declaring war on the USA remains a loophole that has not yet been utilized (Thomson, & Thomson, 2016). The history of the speculated risks and investments made on nuclear weapons remains a legally valid section to implement an attack. This link and connections created between the ISIL, and ISIS has a true picture of set shooting attacks by Al Qaeda in the USA. The trained troops are much likely to attack the USA using similar techniques like those happened in Sydney and Lint shooting in the Australia. The operations that were implemented last year include a pull up to closer homes at the event of Oklahoma beheading of September last year. The successful attacks such as the one implemented by Charlie Hebdo led to the recent shooting of Denmark Fall as well as an attack on attacks of business entities (Louw, 2016). Similar events might be conducted by the individual Islamic fundamentalists or terrorists charged by ISIS. The troops focus at inspiring many Islamist fundamentalist principles with a purpose of developing a technologically based media having their links to the fundamentalist Islamic sects as well as other ideological individuals.

             The current networks of individuals are targeting the general public, the innocent citizens and especially those who have no real connection with Arab nations. The major operation on the general public, neutral classes are major targets to create stigmatization and suspicion among mother religions such as Christianity. The USA attack, techniques will be based on ISIS and other Islamic State, supporters and sympathizers who shall be asked to carry out attacks everywhere where there is a mass of populations. According to statistic analysis, it revealed that about more than 10 % of Europeans citizens are sympathizers of Muslims and their outlawed sect (Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm), & Films Media Group, 2014). Such trends reveal the possibility of the terrorist establishing alliances with citizens to implement an attack in the USA. Some cities in the USA are purely Arab Center and are dominated by Islamic individuals who might come together to implement a very dangerous operation. Surveys show that major opinions in the Arab world are to use ISIS and international coalitions to implement an attack in one of USA intelligent departments (Thomson, & Thomson, 2016).

 However, despite the many strategies by ISIS to implement attack and revenge on USA, according to interviews and surveys with about 5000 respondents most of Arab countries presented such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine and the Syrian refugee camps revealed that about 70% have negative feedback about the ISIS. The countries such as Lebanon, Turkey as well as Jordan showed that 90% percent of the Arabs cannot support ISIS terror operations. The Arab nations that seem to support ISIS group are almost negligible totaling to 25%.


As a result of advanced technologies the ISIS terror group ways to implement attacks in USA. However, there is no guarantee of loopholes and insecurity vulnerabilities in the USA. The defense force in the USA has power and potential of securing USA interests and defending the citizens. The strong surveillance and keen monitoring of the USA borders might not give terrorists chance to penetrate.


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