The Eye Care Solution with Right Type of Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses are fixed to the cornea, but they are completely invisible. They are also light in weight, and contact lenses are used by a lot of people today. There are colored lensesas well that are available and used by a lot of people that lookquite stylish. The other forms of contact lenses are:

  •          Corrective
  •          Therapeutic
  •          Cosmetic in nature

Contact Lenses

The cosmetic style contact lenses are made up of soft material and completely cover the cornea. These soft lenses are manufactured of around 80% of water and this is why they are so easy and comfortable to wear.Also, they allow oxygen to pass through your eyes that is good for the health of your eyes.

In manufacturing contact lenses, materials used in the construction of contact lenses are divided into two parts that depends on the type of lens, including:

Hydrophilic- The contact lenses that contain more than 10% of water contentare known as hydrophilic.

Hydrophobic - The contact lenses with less than 10% of water content are known as hydrophobic.

Some of the examples of hydrophilic and hydrophobiclenses are:

  •          Abafilcon A
  •          Alphabilcon A
  •          Etafilcon A
  •          Amefocon A
  •          Cabufocon A
  •          Dimefocon A

Buying Them

A good eye specialist will always help you choosing the ideal contact lens for you that are made using cast moulding technology, you can ask your friends to refer the source for the shops for buying lenses. The lenses you buy through known websites usually come with a warranty and expiry date. So, make sure you also take care of the maintenance part and discard contact lenses as per the technology transfer and before their expiry date.

Contact lens manufacturers are required to take certain steps in order to ensure their lenses are both safe and comfortable for wearers.

Colored Contact Lenses

There are colored contacts lenses that are available in both the translucent or opaque versions. The translucent onesprovide a natural lookand are generally soft to wear and let the color of your eyes come through. The people who have light colored eyes can go for translucent contact lenses that are available in different colors ranges and many shades in between.

Online Stores

Online there are different offers on buying contact lenses and your eye specialist may be able to advise you on some better ones to go for. You can also spend some time searching around for the various deals that suits you the best, finally the choice is yours!

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