Finding The Best Wheelchair Transportation In Boston

Posted by luxurysection on November 3rd, 2018

When travelling from one place to another, the invalids and physically challenged people find it difficult to go. It is not easy for such people to access the vehicle on foot and these vehicles can’t be accessed through a wheelchair. However, there are few transportation agencies which have helped in resolving this problem by offering Wheelchair Transportation Boston.

The vehicles offered by companies such as disabled transportation Seattle are modified for making them wheelchair friendly. It is the attempt of such companies to make the rise joyful even for the people on wheelchair. It ensures 100% customer satisfaction based on focusing on the special needs of such vehicles. The other facilities offered by them are as follows:

• Three extra passengers are allowed without any extra charges.
• The wheelchair is offered without any charges.
• No extra charges for waiting up to fifteen minutes.
• No charges in case the reservation is cancelled 1 hour before the pickup time.
• The door to door transportation facility.

These companies also recruit drivers with great care. All the drivers are above 25 years and have a proven track record and a clean driving record. The company also conducts a criminal background check of the drivers. The alcohol screening and random drug screening of the drivers are also carried out. The drivers have cleared the defensive driving test and have training in customer service and first aid.

The companies recruit only kind and family-oriented people as drivers who are indulged in community services. These drivers are friendly towards the passengers and help them in every possible manner. Wheelchair Transportation in Seattle always cares to recruit only the best people as drivers.

The vehicles used by the company are also wheel-chair friendly. The vehicles are non-smoking and eco-friendly ones. Minivans are used instead of buses and cargo-vans. The floor of the van is lowered by at least ten inches. The minivans have an integrated kneeling system which helps in reducing the slope of the ramp for ensuring the easy accessibility. The manufacturing of these ramp-vans is done carefully to ensure the quality and smoothness of the original ride. It is the attempt of the companies such as wheelchair transportation in Seattle is to offer the best possible services.

The safety of the passengers is ensured by brands like disabled transportation in Seattle through an automatic tightening system for tightening the wheelchair called “Qstraint QRT Deluxe”. Through this system, the re tractors will help in automatically tightening all the slacks while travel for ensuring that the wheelchair doesn’t budge or trip irrespective of the bumpy or broken road. The peace of mind is ensured through a GPS Navigation System which helps in ensuring that the passengers are moving on the right track.

Hence, the people on wheelchair needn’t worry about travelling as they can easily move through these wheelchair friendly vehicles. The smooth ride through careful ride is the remarkable features of these service providers. No doubt, why these companies are winning the love and admiration of people? Their commitment towards clients through unwavering services is incredible in every respect. Hence, these services are dependable at any time.

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