Want to Know the Right Time to launch your iOS App?

Posted by FluperAppDevelopment on November 3rd, 2018

“I have just started a business of food delivery and after thinking a long; developed an iOS app. The whole process of iOS app development took so long. Now, I want to know a perfect date to launch this app. Kindly, help me out?”

Just like the above-mentioned query, many users want to know the right time to launch their iOS app. This is why; I have decided to put my pen to paper. Today, I am going to share some tips and tricks about the perfect time to launch your iOS app.

Mobile technology is progressing day-by-day. Every day something new is happening in this industry. Recently, many entrepreneurs have started integrating the latest technologies with these mobile applications. Some of them are Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, etc. This is why mobile app development sector is flourishing with the double speed.

As a result, it is common for users or organizations to invest in mobile app marketing. In fact, if you are not thinking to implement it in your business, then there are chances that you will be left behind. Multiple brands have invested 88.3 billion US dollars in the mobile app development market. However, most of them still want to know that how to find a perfect date for launching an app. What is the time when they can get the best out of it?

Why is it Major Concern?

There are countless apps that are available on the market, which will surely increase in the upcoming time. Hiring mobile app developers with efficient skills is not enough now. You have to study the market cautiously to fill your pockets with money. If you don’t choose the perfect time to launch your app, chances of loss are more even if you have proficient market researchers. After understanding its seriousness, let’s proceed further and find out how you can examine the time, which will make your app the best way to earn money.

•Scrutinize the User Purchasing Cycle

In order to ensure that your app becomes the first choice among users, it is important to analyze their buying cycle. Yes, every user has its own cycle to download and install newer applications. Android or iOS developers put their hundred percent efforts in developing an app; however, they cannot convince every user to use them. Some users keep on buying newer apps on a frequent basis, while others have a tendency to install the recent apps at a huge rate in the starting. The latter kinds of users then don’t access the app store for the rest of the month. Moreover, you must have seen people who download new applications only when they change their phones. Therefore, you should put your best efforts to do the market research and figure out the market practices of your target audience.

•Decide the Type of Services

Is your application is associated with a seasonal deal or some occasion? Or, can your client access it on a regular basis? Considering these points would surely impact the revenue that you can earn from your app. Confused? Let’s take an example.
We should assume, you built up a versatile application, which is associated with the Olympics. If you introduce your application at the completion of the Olympic Games, it may fail to entice the target audience. In like manner, propelling a Christmas-related application in the mid of the year has neither rhyme nor reason. Therefore, it is suggested to examine your mobile app services’ type and only then define the launch date. As per mobile app developers, it is smarter to dispatch a seasonal application just prior to the season. This makes a promotion in the market and guarantees higher download.

•Analyze the Day, Month, & Week

It is quite important to choose the time, week, month, and year, wisely because it will impact your app success strongly.
San Francisco-based application optimization organization uncovered that ends of the week are the best time to dispatch new applications, as well as features. This is the time when clients are searching for a break from their day-to-day life and might want to take a look at something new. What's more, the organization additionally uncovered that the correct day to dispatch and promote your application likewise relies upon the application class.

Final Thoughts

Mobile application development companies are highly in demand because it has the power to increase your business reach. However, even a single cost can bring a loss of millions for you. So, considering all the things wisely, I have shared some of the key points to launch your app. Keep all of them into your thought while selecting the launching date of your application. Advance your application well, and furthermore promote in the best possible manner to get the highest out of it.

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