Blockchain Technology Becoming More Profitable as Compared to Other Investment O

Posted by hickz1 on November 4th, 2018

Trying to comprehend what actually is Blockchain and how can it prove to be lucrative? A couple of decades ago, people had the same questions and apprehensions regarding the internet; now, it has become one of the building blocks of current lifestyle.

A report by Research and Market indicates that the overflowing global Blockchain market will reach an astounding .68 billion by 2022. This means that the annual compound growth rate (CAGR) will be around 79.6 percent during that time. The fueled growth will result in an increased demand for the social network Youtube technology in organizations due to simplified business solutions.

The Immense Utility of Blockchain

A providing VPN services with different top reputed brands. He says, “The market is certainly volatile and is not for the faint of heart, but the long-term potential for cryptocurrencies is bright.”

According to CoinDesk data, the Blockchain entrepreneurs raised 7 million through ICOs whereas 5 million were raised through Venture Capital funding in 2017. In the following months, this trend caught more hype and the investments in ICO grew by a whopping 800%. By 2024, the global blockchain market is expected to be worth billion, thus, the technology sure has a long way to go.

More than 250 ICOs have been completed since January 2016 and more than 50% of them started after the mid of 2017. According to decentralized platform for creative people and teams to earn royalties, the technology is going to disrupt the financial world and will have a strong presence in other entities like real estate and stocks as well.

The Strongest Blockchain Technology Stocks

There are a number of companies working in the Blockchain industry that are creating immense opportunities for wealth seekers. There are market rulers like BTL Group, Atlas Cloud Enterprises and 360 Blockchain that have gone public and the stock trading is improving the financial opportunities presented by their respective projects.

The market cap of the three Blockchain-based companies is 9.74 million, .27 million, and .56 million respectively. The current price of a share of BTL Group is as high as .90 and it is covering a number of industries including banks and the energy sector by providing them with Blockchain support.

All these stats are a proof that these companies have already occupied a strong chunk of the industry in a short span of time and have the ability to rule the financial world within a few more years.

The Bottom Line

The future of this technology looks tremendous! With the figures jumping into billions from millions, there is no looking back for the ICOs and blockchain-based firms. Even an established company like IBM is spending around 0 million in its blockchain-powered projects.

The famous cryptocurrency exchange company Coinbase will do a business of a billion dollars this year. With limited resources and expenditure, such Blockchain-based startups have a potential to earn huge amounts and thus, their profit margin is greatly increased in comparison to other companies.

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