Easy Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts Ideas

Posted by Aadil Adil on November 4th, 2018

In the hurry-scurry from Halloween preparations to Christmas shopping, cooking, adorning, and sending greeting cards, you can miss Thanksgiving Day. Sure, it's a pleasure to be absorbed by eating a lot, not paying attention to your family, or spending the whole day through watching drowsily TV programs. Sometimes such sluggish movement to the Thanksgiving Day, that is actually a long weekend, steals away some of the enjoyment of this holiday.

In order not to let slip the feeling of the holiday you should take part in some easy handicraft we can offer you. As a result you will be very proud of yourself knowing you too are a crafty mom. And not a single person will ever suspect that you and your three year old have managed to do these in no time at all. 

To come first is our old favorite, the Native Indian headband, that many of us made in summer camps. Cut brown construction paper into strips long enough to go round one's head and about 2 inches wide. Try it on your kid's forehead and use staple or tapes to fix the ends. 

The child would perhaps like to decorate it with his or her name, drawings, scribbling. Make paper feathers of different colors and sizes and glue them to the inside of the headband. Whenever your little son or even a small daughter feel like playing Indians you can think of nothing better than such kind of headbands. Any preschooler is able to make this easy thing and will feel himself a big kid. In the process of creation you can also dwell upon a bit of history on Thanksgiving Day celebration. 

What is also very easy to do is placemats. A sheet of paper of placemat size can be used for this. We usually take standard letter size paper, but construction or cardboard paper is good as well. You can cut out paper turkey shapes, acorn shapes, pumpkins, - anything that reminds you of autumn and give them to your kid to glue to the placemat. 

Your child may also glue a Thanksgiving Day picture from his coloring book. If your kid is not old enough to display creativity, or you run out of time with your placemats, buy some Thanksgiving Day or autumn motif stickers and use them. 

Now, you can laminate the sheet. You can put it between two pieces of waxed paper and iron them thoroughly to make them stick to each other. Or you can make this still more easily, like I do. I go to a discount store and by a roll of clear Contact paper. I cut two pieces a bit larger than the placemat. Peel the backing off one piece and put the placemat sheet on it with its face up. 

Then I peel the backing off the other piece and lay it down on top of the decorated placemat sheet. Press edges together and trim evenly. The children are very fond of such little pieces of art, they may play with them for months after Thanksgiving Day. We have more than twelve to make this year, so for sure we will buy stickers.

So, as you can see, the Thanksgiving Day preschool crafts are extremely easy!

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