Why and what you should ensure before handing over your car to a storage?

Posted by David Harper on November 5th, 2018

Cars are men’s favourite toy. And you need to take proper care of your toy so that it isn't under any threat. When're handing over your car to any car storage facilities, remember that your car is under some threats. From corrosion to weather calamities, there are some threats that your car is under. So, here are some tips for you which can help you to take better care of your car before you're handing it over to any garage or storage facilities. Keep on reading to know the best ways you can protect yours from all kind of threats and damages.

Tips for protecting your car

If you require storage for your car, regardless of time, there are certain points to keep in mind for better protection of your car. Here are some of the things you need to do to your car before you put it up in storage.  

Car wash

Before you use vehicle storage, it is always a wise choice to wash top to bottom of your car. Wash it inside and out and make sure you haven’t lefty any part uncleaned. Clean it up as thoroughly as possible including the inside of the hood.

Use Wax

Polish your chrome with an auto wax to give a perfect polish to your car. Polish every part of the car with the wax to make it look amazing before you get it stored in the storage facilities. Make it shine as much as possible. But make sure that your car is completely dry before you put it away in the facility. If your car is wet while getting in the storage, your car and its part will get rusted.

Fluid check

Fill every fluid in your car up to the top. Check the gas tank if it’s full. If it isn’t, fill it up fully so that there is no place for corrosion to form in the gas tank. Make sure there is plenty of anti-freeze in the radiator and windshield washer so that your radiator and other fluids don't get frozen during winter or at low temperature. Also, make sure that all the fluids of engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and washer fluid are up to date before you put it in the storage.

Disconnect battery

If you’re planning to store your car for a long time in the colder seasons in any of the vehicle storage Orlando, it is always a wise choice to disconnect the batter.

Storing your vehicle in any vehicle storage is a risky thing, and it needs to be done properly. Before you put away your car in the storage facilities, follow all the above steps so that you get back your car in the same way you have put it in the storage with same performance and beauty.

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