Global Kidney Stones Diagnosis and Treatment Market Forecast 2018-2023

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Evolution of advanced technologies for diagnostic and treatment of kidney stone

Kidney stones are solid masses, which are made up of crystals, that cab be developed in kidney, bladder, urethra, ureters. Other than crystals the kidney stone can be formed by deposition of uric acid, calcium, cystine and struvite. The disease leads to various complication such as blockage of tube which connects kidney with bladder. The kidney stone diagnosis and treatment market are tremendously growing due to introduction of advanced technologies. The technologies enable doctors to manage kidney stones, and the imaging studies enables to diagnose quickly. The various diagnostic tests for the kidney stone include urine analysis, blood test, X-ray, ultra sound, CT scan. The modern surgeries are more effective, the demand for minimally invasive procedures are increasing among patients. According to National Kidney Foundation every year more than half a million people experience problems related to kidney stones. The kidney stone disease is more common in males compared to females, mostly between age of 30-50 years.

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However, struvite type of kidney stone is mostly found in women with urinary tract infections and due to large in size it causes urinary obstruction. The treatment of underlying infection enables to prevent from developing struvite stones. The awareness among people for diagnosis and treatment of kidney stone is rising.  The American Association of Kidney Patients and partners with the American Society of Nephrology and the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The partnership enables patients to test new nutrition mobile app for veterans and other individuals managing kidney disease.

The MyKidney Nutrition app allows patients to track activities such as nutrition, fitness and medication information. However, the app will be useful for the managing medication and nutrition during the kidney stone disease. The major factor driving the kidney stone diagnosis and treatment market is rising minimally invasive surgeries. The kidney stone prevalence among both children and adults are increasing, the factors such as consumption of less fluids and change in dietary habits are increasing the chances of kidney stone.  The treatment for kidney stones is similar in children and adults.  The Shock-wave lithotripsy is a non-invasive procedure, that utilizes high-energy sound waves to crack stones into fragments, which can easily pass through urine. 

The demand among people for laser kidney stone treatment is increasing which is contributing to the kidney stone diagnosis and treatment market. The laser lithotripsy uses short and intense infrared light pulses, these pulses are powerful, which can easily break kidney stones into tiny fragments and excreted out through urine.  It is a painless procedure and quickly recovers patients.  The factors which are contributing in the growth of kidney stone diagnosis and treatment market includes rising obesity and hypertension, increasing urolithiasis, and increasing intake of food containing antacid, protein and oxalate. The oxalates are natural substance present in food and it is one of the substances which forms crystals in kidney. The only food that combines with urine waste to form solid mass or crystal in kidney. The calcium oxalate stones can be formed due to certain factors such as dehydration, excess of oxalate, protein sodium and obesity. There is a rapid increase in obesity rates due to change in lifestyle and create chances of developing kidney stone. According to National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) about 18.5% of children and nearly 40% of adults had obesity in 2015–2016. These are the highest rates ever documented by NHANES. The diagnosis and treatment of the kidney stone is rising and holds massive potential in the coming years.

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