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Posted by HealthyFoal87 on November 5th, 2018

These travel tips  were written based on my own travel experiences. The goal: to help you return home with the best possible memories of your own adventures around the world. They will be especially useful to you if you are planning your first big trip. But even if it is not your first adventure through distant destinations, they can help you take advantage of experience differently next time. Have a good trip!

Travel as light as possible
The day you go to buy your backpack you will be tempted to buy the biggest there is. You do not want to leave anything behind because you do not have space in the backpack and you still want to have enough space for all the traquitanas and souvenirs you plan to bring home. The first advice I give you? Resist this temptation. There's nothing worse than riding the house back on the road. Believe me, you will not need so much during your trip. And in addition to the fact that you have less weight on your back, you also think about the money you will save by not exceeding the weight limits set by some airlines.To learn more information about, you have to browse our website.

Take out travel insurance.
Believe me, if anything can go wrong, it's going to be bad. So try to take out travel insurance before you leave, to cover any thefts, losses, health problems, loss of flights and the like. Traveling peacefully is the best way to get the best memories possible when you return home, and it is one of the best travel tips  you could give. One of the most recommended insurance is World Nomads . It's what I always use.

Mark a Traveler's Inquiry.
The purpose is to have a quiet trip and avoid being bedridden in the middle of the trip, locked in the toilet or bringing something less good with you home, right? Ok, so one of the best travel tips  I can give you is to book a Traveler Consultation 4 to 6 weeks before you leave , so you can get the appropriate vaccines to the destination country and the prescriptions for the drugs essential to put in the backpack.

Drops a GPS app.
You can not imagine the way you're going to give yourself a map in the palm of your hand when you're trying to find your way back to your hotel in the middle of an unfamiliar city or into a taxi when you think the taxi driver is trying fool with the way.

Do not plan too much
Before you leave, it is good to have an idea of ​​the places you want to visit, but do not close yourself too much on an itinerary. You will meet different people and you will hear of places you had never heard of before when you were there.

Try to stay in homestays
Yes, in a hostel you have the opportunity to meet many other travelers and in a hotel you have all the comfort and privacy that you are accustomed to at home. But try (even for 2 nights only) to stay in a homestay. The homestays are basically houses where local families actually live where you can stay for values usually quite affordable, giving you the opportunity to conviveres with local and you learn more about their culture, their customs and their day-to-day.

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