Bathmat Warehouse?s User-Friendly Guide to Picking the Precise Home-Rugs

Posted by Anand Singh on November 5th, 2018

Many articles and blogs have been written about the rugs and mats used for a mundane use. And how they can be accessorized with other decors. Here’s a user-friendly guide in the picking what’s right for your home.

Here’s an eloquent opinion on the mats available in the market. Some may be able to uplift the ambience while some may just confuse the guests about why was it laid down in the first place.

In the recent past, the faux-pas were shown in the Home-décor Australia Magazine, and a certain living room was shown holding everything too matchy and matchy in it. Everything in that room, from the sofas to the rugs underneath were in the zebra print. Instead of looking the part, it looked like a disaster.

And hence, we have put together this article to highlight some of the rugs sold by Bathmat Warehouse and how one can pick them for an ornate look.

  1. The Halls Runners: A runner is a long stretched mat used in places where those rugs can’t occupy the space. These can be used with no worries about slipping or tripping over them. As they are made with a nylon top and a rubber behind. And they come in the neutral yet vibrant colors to fit in the décor of the house. The colors of blue, maroon, beige and brown will go with any color-combination without much effort. And they can be cleaned easily with a vacuum or brush.
  2. Anti-slip Rugs: These mats are made in two sizes to choose from, for different requirements. As the name says, they promise to not slip, due to their puff latex and rubber back. These can be laid down in the study, lounge, bedrooms or even the dining area. And they require a spot-cleaning only. These are designed in the most modernized patterns and colors.
  3. Yoga Mats: Although while reading the above categories ones, you may be planning to use the runners or rugs for exercising at home. But here’s an impeccable solution to that, opt for the yoga mats. These too have a latex back and won’t slid off even during the most intense sessions. And the cotton top tends to absorb the sweat dripping down while burning those extra-calories.

The modern rugs online available over Bathmat Warehouse’s website are soft to touch and are low-maintenance. One can choose from the varied colors and sizes while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

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