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Tollywood news latest - Vishal's WeToo

Posted by suma098 on November 5th, 2018

We all know the present happening hashtag that is #MeToo in social media. It is the movement that came into consideration to solve the sexual harassment and sexual assault of women in the workplaces. We all know that it was started in the Hollywood film industry to stop sexual harassment in the workplace. Before this #MeToo movement took place in foreign countries there is a similar act that was started by the Malayalam film industry in India to stop the sexual harassment and sexual assault against women.

Earlier this hashtag was used by the Tarana Burke, a social activist and public manager, bring into being using the phrase "Me Too" in 2006, on the MySpace social network as part of a movement to endorse "empowerment through empathy" between women of color who have experienced sexual abuse, mainly within underprivileged communities. But with the gaining popularity hashtag with the present day situation in the workplaces it has gone viral. And at the same time, few women kept the wrong allegations against few men as well taking the advantage of the movement. So there comes a special role to protect false statements against the men from women. If one fails to prove their allegations against men, women should be kept behind bars for two years.

When this MeToo movement got popular many women who really suffered from the sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplaces came forward and said their experiences against men. There are really so many places where women are facing this kind of problem mostly in Media and fashion industries, Church, Education, Finance, Politics and government, Sports, Medicine, music, military, and Pornography. The related hashtag #HimToo emerged in approval with the #MeToo movement. Though dating back to at least 2015, and originally associated with politics or casual communication, #HimToo took on new meanings related with #MeToo in 2017, with some using it to highlight male victims of sexual harassment and abuse, and others using it to highlight male committers. In September and October 2018, during the sexual assault claims raised during Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, #HimToo turn out to be used by supporters of Kavanaugh and to highlight male victims of false allegations.

Know in India it has gained a lot popular to express the feeling of affected women through this social media. There are many actresses who came with this type of allegations on their co-actors during the film shoots. One such among them is the Thanusree allegations on Nana Patekar. Sri Reddy an actress came with the same type of allegations on different people in the Telugu and Tamil film industry. Recently according to the Latest Telugu movie news the actor Vishal came up with the new movement in accordance to prevent the false statements that where passed by some actress. Vishal stating that if it is done really we are there to take special actions against the people if it is proved. In the same way, we also started the #WeToo to prevent the false allegations against men. All the fame of actors which was built from several years will be lost by one false statement passed so we are there to protect men as well with the WeToo movement says Actor Vishal.

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