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Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on November 5th, 2018

These days many companies are putting extra attention on the precision of the products they make. It may all start with the fundamental cutting of a product, whether it is an aluminum or metal sheet. Water jet cutting and laser cutting are two great options in the manufacturing world andfine examples of cutting edge technology.

There is a company that specializes in accurate design and precision in the manufacturing process. It is here that professionals are trained to check all products and maintain top quality. You can also get in touch with their great customer service in case you need any kind of assistance. Their reliable speed makes sure that you get the exact product you require in a timely fashion, which will help in improving the growth of your business. This is why they are the best water jet cutting company.

Water Jet Cutting Process

Water jet cutting involves an abrasive gritty material carried in the high-pressureflow of water. With the help of a saw machine it leaves an exact cut, along with smooth finish. It is this multifaceted procedure that has the capability of cutting any metal. Tempered glass and ceramics are some of the materials that are highly brittle and can benefit from the water jet cutting process.

For this versatile cutting procedure, the best water jet cutting company will help you get the job done. Water jet cutting allows for fine cuts and contours on a variety of materials. Sometimes the slow pace of the procedure can cost a lot. The whole process generally starts with an intensifier pump creating pressure up to 9,000 psi. In this case, the water pressure can then easily cut hard materials.

Benefits Of Laser Cutting

Integrated with a computer system, the laser cutting technique makes sure the material is precisely cut. The laser beam offers a high level of productivity but there are certain limitations. In comparison to mechanical cutting, laser cutting is a lot easier and more effective.

Here are the advantages of custom laser cutting metal:

  • Unlike traditional cutting, laser cutting minimizes the chance of warping the material
  • It is less time consuming and the whole process is very easy
  • From plastic to rubber, the technology used in laser cutting is versatile.
  • As compared to plasma technology, laser cutting utilizes less energy and is better for the cutting of metal.

However, the level of power used in laser cutting can be high, it is expensive and the fumes can be toxic. You definitely want to make sure you are dealing with the experts.

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