What Are the Best Magento Language Translation Tools in the Market?

Posted by Maulik Shah on November 5th, 2018

  • 73% customers like to shop online in their local language
  • For 76% of companies, it is difficult to maintain content accuracy in local language
  • 74% customers wouldn’t mind buying from the same brand if the after sales care is in the language familiar to them.
  • According to 56% customers, it is more important to read website content in native language than knowing about the costs involved.

The above-given statistics clearly reflect the inclination of people towards the language familiar to them. Now, let’s say you have a Magento website in non-native language. And in that too, there are a lot of loopholes; quite obviously because you are not an expert at the language. During such times, you might end up communicating what you didn’t intend to. This is when a Magento translation extension comes to your rescue. It offers you with glitch free translation for your website content.

Through this article, we will provide you with the information about the best language translation tools along with their features. Once you know about them, you would be able to take better decisions as to which tool to invest into. So, let’s plunge in:


This Magento language switcher enables the ecommerce store owners to translate their CMS pages, attributes, product catalog etc. in few clicks. It helps with the translation of backend content that reflects in the frontend. And the best part? The plugin is free to install and use. All you need to do is pay for the translations that you have ordered. You can place an order based on the number of words you need to translate in your catalog.

Using it you can:

1. Translate Product Features
2. Translate Category Details
3. Translate CMS Content
4. Translate in Batch
5. Manage projects

Language Translator for Magento

One of the most popular Magento multilingual extensions, Language Translator helps to translate your store content with ease. One of the best features of this translation extension is that you can search the part of content you want to translate and translate it into the language of your choice. This is a rare feature available in the plugins today as the store owners have to translate the content on entire website.

1. Translation Settings in Admin Panel
2. Search & Translate Strings
3. Translation for Categories, Products, and CMS pages
4. Metadata Translation to help SEO boost
5. Store Reviews Translation
6. Mass translation

Auto Translate

Using Auto translate Magento extension, you can translate the advertising feeds and campaigns in particular language with ease and effectiveness. As the plugin supports more than 75 languages, it will not only boost your native customer base, but will also help you to target the global audiences. Take a look at some of its major features given below:

1. 75 Languages Support
2. Automated translation
3. User notification for Auto Translate Page
4. Accurate translations
5. Support for Base Languages

If you are still not convinced about investing into a language translation plugin, we have some more reasons which might open up certain perspectives:
It’s a cost-effective way of branding: A multilingual website makes it cost effective for you to market your business globally. This is because you can it communicate with a larger audience which gives you recognition.

Get better ROI: It is a one-time investment which will reap results for you for a long time. You can keep adding more languages to get 100% sales.

Gain more trust: Your products and services seem more reliable when you start selling in a language familiar to your customers. Moreover, it is likely to give you repetitive customers.

Go culturally sensitive: Through seamless translations, you can give an impression that you respect the language and cultural value of others. And emotional intimacy means, better sales.
So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let language become your constraint. It’s time to take your business beyond the regional realms!

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