6 Easy Ways to Care for Your Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Posted by mark taylor on November 5th, 2018

Virgin human hair extensions are worth buying. Reasons being, they’re natural and can get to serve your hair needs for a long time unlike synthetic hair and treated hair extensions. Here are general tips to care Tips for virgin human hair extensions.


Before washing and before going to bed, remember to brush your virgin human hair extensions. This is an excellent way to eliminate tangles that occur due to wind or friction. However, it’s equally essential not to brush the hair when wet because follicles may be vulnerable during this period.

Using Shampoo

Choose to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate only strip hair of natural oils that are essential. Since your scalp doesn’t supply the strands with necessary nutrients, you should use products that don’t end up drying hair strands. It’s good to use natural oils and conditioners as they help you manage your virgin human hair extension.

Using water

Use warm water when washing your hair extensions to stop damaging your cuticles and scalp. Wash in gentle downward motions using the palms. Don’t scrub or bunch up your hair together.

Using Oil

When the hair is still, t add a few drops of natural oils such as almost and coconut oil. It helps you make sure you are applying evenly. So it can penetrate cuticles and moisturize your hair as appropriate. Use cold water to rinse the hair to lock in nutrients and moisture. Then keep it to dry. 


Keep the hair moisturized the way you do with your skin. Coconut and almond oils are recommended for this purpose. Use the oils twice a week or when you feel a need. You can also use argan oil for styling and frizz. Though it is dry, it will moisturize the hair.


Avoid the use of heat and keep chemical based hair products off it too. Always look for natural, best organic hair products for the best results.


Follow these tips to care your virgin human hair extensions and own hair too.

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