Global Biomarker Market Research and Forecast 2018-2023

Posted by omrglobal on November 5th, 2018

Biomarkers are becoming an essential component in drug discovery and development

Drug discovery and development in healthcare has entered a critical period due to the business need of pharmaceutical companies for securing fundamental increases in productivity. This result in the reduction of time and expense is required to launch new drugs. The pharmaceuticals companies are involved in the development of robust efficacy and safety biomarkers that can be used in new drug development, that contributes in the growth of the global biomarker market. Low productivity in the development of drugs generates costs that in present pharmaceuticals market are increasingly insupportable. The cost includes, the late-stage drug attrition costs in phase 2 or 3 for inadequate efficacy. The other costs due to failing to identify pre-clinically those compounds with unmanageable safety risks. Moreover, the costs of opportunity of terminating compounds in pre-clinical development for safety issues as the scientific information available is not sufficient enough to support sound risk assessment and management in the clinic. The pharmaceutical industry is engaged in large initiatives for developing robust efficacy and safety biomarkers that can be used in new drug development strategies for significantly reducing these costs.

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Biomarkers are accelerating drug discovery and development in oncology

Drug development in oncology can be optimized using hierarchical set of clinical biomarkers that can predict the efficacy at each rise in the level of hierarchy. Hierarchical biomarkers support a sequence of increasingly critical corporate decisions regarding the progression of a compound through clinical testing. Level-1 biomarkers have the lowest level of sensitivity that are used for confirming the biochemical or pharmacological mechanism of action. These biomarkers in oncology are the most reliable when measured within the tumour itself. For instance, skin biopsies are used by the clinical investigators for demonstrating pharmacologic activity of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors in clinical trials. Level-2 biomarkers are further advanced to confirm if a drug is producing a desired pharmacodynamics effect. The desired biological response in a tumour in oncology involves decreased metabolic activity, increased cell death, decreased cell proliferation, increased cell differentiation in tumour vascular perfusion. Several different techniques and biomarkers are used to measure each of these responses pre-clinically and clinically. The level-3 biomarkers have predictive power to confirm desired clinical outcome by the analysis of results from multiple clinical trials. The biomarker development and technological advancement increases the accuracy for the detection of the cancer with an individual at the early stage. Thus, the use of biomarker in drug discovery and development is contributing in the growth of the global biomarker market.

Utilization of biomarkers in clinical trials

There various clinical trials are recruiting for the biomarker in the drug discovery and development that would augment the global biomarker market. For instance, in December 2017 the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute engaging in the clinical trial related to Discovery of Sirolimus Sensitive Biomarkers in Blood. Moreover, as per the estimation by the FDA, only 10% improvement in the ability of predicting drug failures before clinical trials could save about 0 million in development costs per drug. Biomarkers have the potential to advising better treatment and bringing the personalized medicine into clinical practice. The use of biomarkers is a part of the critical path opportunities list by the FDA. The critical path initiative is a strategy of the FDA for driving innovation in the scientific processes that are used in development, evaluation and manufacturing of the medical products. This results in the growth in the global biomarker market.

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