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Posted by Malini Somra on November 6th, 2018

Today, one can find several alternatives when they consider money borrowing. Some financial situation left one with no option other than borrowing even if the person doesn’t wish to get into debts. With the advancement in information and technology, the financial sector has evolved a lot and it has become easier to carry out the financial process. Still people find getting through the loan process quite stressful as quick loans are directly related to high-interest rates. The traditional loan process which includes banks and credit unions are not the only solution available, one might consider getting a car title loan by using the hidden value of the vehicle. People have been surrounded with a number of myths related to car title loan and therefore they fear to get it.

Here are some of the benefits of the car title loan which might help people have a clear understanding of the working and process of the car title loan Phoenix:

  1. Easy loan process with instant access to fund

The car title loan is a really simple loan process in comparison to the alternates available. The title loan doesn’t have high demands and doesn’t even consider the credit score of the individual as a parameter to be eligible for the loan process. Any individual who owns a car outright and has a clear and lien free vehicle title can easily get through the loan process.  The complete loan process from start to end can be completed within a few minutes. Moreover, the cash is instantly provided to the borrower once the loan is approved.

  1. No credit check required

The title loan uses the vehicle title of the borrower as the collateral in exchange for the fund. The collateral used reduces the risk rate involved in the loan process while ensuring the lender about the repayment. The title loan lender doesn’t consider the credit score of the individual and every individual who clearly owns a vehicle and have attended the legal age can easily get through the title loan process.

  1. The lender doesn’t possess the vehicle

There have been many myths about the car title loan that the vehicle is possessed by the lender. The lender only holds the vehicle title of the borrower until the loan is repaid. A new lien is placed on the vehicle title by the lender after the loan is approved and is temporarily held for the loan period. None of the licensed car title lenders physically possesses the vehicle; the borrower is free to use the vehicle while making a monthly payment to the lender.

  1. Convenient and affordable repayment structure

People generally believe that car title loan will have a high interest rate as it is quick cash loan process. Even though title loan is quick cash loan process, it uses the vehicle title of the borrower as collateral and it reduces the risk rate. With car title loan one can be assured that they will get a flexible and affordable repayment structure considering their financial condition.

One needs to look for the right car title loan lender in the local area in order to smoothly overcome the financial crisis.

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