FIFA 19 new gameplay & features in Ultimate Team

Posted by kuailai99 on November 6th, 2018

FIFA 19 brought the same great gameplay on the basis of fifa 19 coins, and it improved a lot. This new version will bring you a new FIFA gameplay and features. Many new functions are added into it. Check out this FIFA 19 new features tutorial, we will detail you FIFA 19 Dynamic Tactics, Active Touch System, Timed shooting and 50/50 Battles. 1. This new system is supposed to introduce more creativity and more fluidity for the player. 2. It does use the right stick for all these things. You can create more opportunities, volley the ball up to yourself, flick the ball, and use specific animations like the Neymar trap all with the right stick. The longer you hold the stick, the further the ball will go. I think that’s pretty cool. 3. Again the player attribute will determine how effective each player’s flicks are in FIFA 19. 4. Sole Trap: New animation, similar to how flicks are, hold LT/L2 to bounce the ball on the ground. 5.The mechanic: R1/RB + Left Stick to the direction the ball is going. 6. There are many ways to control the ball, as well as various ways to control the ball in the air. Players can use their head, chest, knees and feet to carry the ball under their control.want know more fut coins news Read More

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