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Posted by Joanne kennedy on November 6th, 2018

One of the main principles of naturopathy is ‘identify and treat the cause’ of the illness. Patients may present with similar signs and symptoms, however, the root cause varies from patient to patient. It is the skill of a well trained and experienced naturopath to identify the root cause and develop a treatment protocol to treat the root cause of illness.

To ensure the root cause of illness is identified, a good naturopath will do a thorough investigation including analysis of a health questionnaire and questions during the initial consultation. This will include a thorough run down of the time the signs and symptoms occurred, the severity and duration of each symptom, exacerbating or alleviating factors and previous treatments used. Questions around diet, lifestyle, stress and family history will also be asked.

To further add to the process of identifying the root cause of illness, a good naturopath will analyse blood tests as well as request functional medicine tests such as comprehensive digestive stool analysis, organic acids or hormone metabolites tests. These functional medicine tests have the advantage over traditional allopathic medicine testing as they aim to identify the cause of illness.

Once the naturopath has identified all the possible causes of illness, they are able to piece together how they are affecting the body as a whole. Accordingly, an individualised treatment protocol is able to be established unique for that patient.

Another key role of a good naturopath is as teacher. The naturopath will teach the patient about all of the underlying factors that lead to their illness and teach them how to change their diet and lifestyle to prevent the issues from returning. This is important, as it empowers the patient to make real changes towards their health and vitality.

Naturopaths have long recognised that good health starts in the gut. This is because the gut is where you absorb and assimilate nutrients, it forms a major part of your immune system as well as neurotransmitter such as serotonin. Naturopath Sydney Gut is very aware that a healthy gut provides the corner stone of good health in all their patients.

One sign of bad gut health is bad skin. Skin conditions including hives, eczema and acne are linked to gut health. Naturopath Sydney Eczema has had immense success alleviating eczema by treating the gut. Inflammation in the gut releases inflammatory cytokines and histamine that cause eczema so it makes sense to treat the gut and not just the skin for all eczema patients.

A good Naturopath Sydney will encourage their patients to be accountable for the dietary and lifestyle changes that are suggested for treatment. This will include regular fortnightly appointments and the patient may be required to keep a food, exercise and sleep diary.

  1. And prevent future disease and treatment.

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