Why in psychology do we rely on research to explain behavior?

Posted by Winniem on November 9th, 2018

           Irrespective of interest differences, study areas as well as approaches, all psychologists rely on research to explain behavior. There are several reasons as to why research remains an important tool for them.   First, psychologists use scientific research to come up with new knowledge on behavior causes.  On the other hand, psychologist-practitioners, such as counselors use existing research in enhancing the daily lives of others.  Hence, the fact that psychologists are people who aim at understanding behavior from a specific dimension, research remains an important tool for them. Psychologists also use research because they always want to know why some behavior exists among people (Goodwin, 2010). They also aim at understanding when and the likelihood of some behavior to occur. Doing research is always the only sure way for psychologists to know this.  In many cases, research helps them to come up with ways to reproduce or change a particular behavior. Hence, doing research helps psychologists to predict behavior and even collect data to aid them in their duties. Research helps psychologists to answer questions on behavior. The other reason as to why psychologist carries out research to understand behavior is that behavior is not statistic. It is a dynamic phenomenon that must be observed keenly. Hence, research helps them to avoid misunderstanding of behavior or to the stereotype of some behavior. To conclude, research is necessary for the field of psychology since it contributes to understanding behavior device strategies to manage some behavior and give explanations for some behavior. Doing this helps them to contribute to the psychological shaping of the society.


Goodwin, C. J. (2010). Research in psychology: Methods and design. Hoboken, NJ:         Wiley.

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