Basic knife skills for camping

Posted by Susan California on November 11th, 2018

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities around the world. The excitement of the experience requires various mandatory skills that will keep you safe through your time in nature.

This blog shall attempt to focus on one of these skill set, which is the safe usage of a camping knife. There are various types of knives available for camping, each with their own area of specialization. It is important to learn the proper handling of each sort of knife before heading out to your location.


Let us now list a few of the common knife practices for your camping trip:

  1. A knife must be placed in its sheath when not in use. Do not place an open knife on the ground.

  2. Do not pass your knife to anyone blade first.

  3. Clean your knife. Do not use a rusted knife in any situation.
  4. Avoid using your knife on hard surfaces, such as rock and metal.

  5. Fire will surely damage your blade. Keep them away from open flames.

  6. Circular slicing motion of your knife is a great practice to habituate oneself to.

  7. Learning basic carving techniques may come in handy in emergency cases. Bowls, spoons, and utensils for basic usage can be made from materials found around the wilderness.

  8. Learn to split wood and chop them according to your need. Learn the techniques before your trip. From gripping your knife properly to the size of the blade, bring into account when it comes to different cutting techniques. Learning them beforehand will save your time and provide an accurate result.

  9. Batoning is a process of using a piece of wood to drive your knife by pounding on it. It may seem simple enough, but in reality, inaccurate pounding will only destroy your knife.

  10. Choose your knives wisely. It mostly depends on the type of camping ground you wish to stay at. Consult local camping stores for a better choice of knife set.

  11.  Larger blades do not necessarily mean that they are effective. Keep a set of knives of different sizes and widths.

  12. In most cases, a fixed blade is more durable than a folding knife. Joints usually cause weakness in the strength of the knife.

  13.  Spear-shaped knives are also of importance when it comes to defending yourself against predators if the need arises. Learn to avoid such confrontations.

  14. Rehearse blade skills way before your camping trip. Practice makes perfect and any less than near perfection may result in even death.

  15. Vegetable oil is great for cleaning out grime and dust after every use.

Keep your knife-set handy at all times. Sharpen the blade before and after usage. May your journey be safe and filled with new experience.

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