Premature ejaculation and its remedy

Posted by Prosultan on November 12th, 2018

Premature ejaculation a sort of the sexual dysfunction is the condition which is characterized by uncontrolled ejaculation shortly after or before the sexual penetration. It may create with very little or no sexual arousal of the males. It’s emotionally affects people by making their self esteem drop and can also cause anxiety problems. Premature ejaculation is very common and also results in unsatisfactory sex.

Some causes of the premature ejaculation have been found but the exact cause of the premature ejaculation could not found by experts. According researchers and doctor, it may occur if it has been a long time since a person last ejaculated. Some factors such as the guilt, anxiety and depression can also cause the premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation can also be caused due to the side effects of the certain chemically medications or the hormonal problems. Erectile a sexual issue can also cause the premature ejaculation in the males.

According to ayurvedic treatment the premature ejaculation is caused by aggravation of the air and Vata is characterized by its qualities of quickness and heightened sensitivity to the sense of touch. It can give the predisposition towards quicker ejaculation. Pitta plays a role in thinning of the semen, thereby supporting its early ejaculation. Secondly, these aggravated doshas cause the hyperactivity of the muscles in the male organ, thus increasing sensitivity to vibration and hence leading to early ejaculation.

Ayurvedic treatment for the premature ejaculation is really an effective treatment for the males. When the males seek the perfect treatment for the ejaculation issue and they utilize the wrong treatment because of the lack of the awareness. They should know about the ayurvedic sex power they can enhance their sex power. After utilizing the penis enlargement pills they would be able to get relief from the premature ejaculation.

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