Unknown Facts About Dating Russian Women

Posted by ChrisDPage on November 12th, 2018

A man will never know everything there is to know about Russian women, but knowledge is power and in order to harness that power you need to learn as much as possible about them. You may have read endless articles about dating Russian women and how to catch their eyes but what about unknown facts? Below are five unknown facts about dating Russian women.

Most Women Think They’re Unattractive

It is hard to believe but most Russian women do not think they are attractive at all. Yes, despite them being well known for being absolutely stunning, they do not think much of their physical appearances. Perhaps this is why they put so much effort into their hair, makeup, and clothing. This is why it is highly recommended that you compliment a Russian woman often. Tell her she is beautiful. Doing so will satisfy her and make her feel confident during her time with you.


Sex Early in the Relationship is a Bad Sign

Well, it is a bad sign if you are looking to marry a Russian woman. Russian women who have sex with men on the first date or soon after are not interested in anything long term. Yes, it is true that Russian women have learned that waiting until marriage doesn’t work in today’s dating society, but they still hold off until they get to know a man if they see a future with him. The main reason being that a woman cares about how you see her. She doesn’t wish to be seen as easy. In other words, you may enjoy an amazing night or two but don’t expect her to return your calls or pursue any sort of relationship after.

Marriage Talk Will Win the Girl

This is seriously the way to a Russian girl’s heart. Most want to be married, have dreams of marriage, children and want to get to that point in their life sooner than later. If you’re leaning in that direction, vocalize it because the news will be music to her ears.


Many Single Women Will Have “Baggage”

The thing is, most of it isn’t even something western men would consider deal breakers. First, any unmarried woman over 25 is considered defective in Russian society so don’t be turned off by hints of desperation displayed when chatting with her online and/or interacting with her in person. She just wants to start building a life with a good man. Secondly, many of the women on Russian dating websites are divorced. Although frowned upon in Russian society, it really isn’t a big deal for most. You may have an ex-spouse yourself. Women in Russia tend to marry quite young and, as you know, many times this doesn’t result in a lasting marriage. Lastly, a portion of single Russian women has a child or children. This may work for you, this may not but it isn’t uncommon.

Most Can Be Swayed

If you meet a woman whether online or in person and she rejects you, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. If you see a woman you really like and would like a chance to get to know her, be persistent. Write her a few more times online or, if you met her in person, politely try to talk to her. Most Russian women can be swayed with persistence. A persistent man is not only flattering and shows that you really are interested in her. but it puts many of her fears at ease. Russian men often cheat on Russian women and having a man try so hard for a woman’s affections in the face of rejection puts some of those worries at ease.

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