Top five benefits of vacuum circuit breakers

Posted by Digital Marketeer on November 13th, 2018

Vacuum circuit breakers are compact and designed for easy maintenance, high reliability, and safe operation and they are widely used in different kinds of high voltage circuits in homes and industries.

In vacuum circuit breakers, the arc interruption usually takes place inside a vacuum found in the interrupter. This protects the appliances or equipment from power overloads or surges. They are ideal for electrical and industrial utilities and other applications.  Here are a few benefits of vacuum circuit breakers:

Self-contained design

Vacuum circuit breakers are self-contained. Unlike air blast Circuit Breaker (ABCB) and Oil Circuit Breaker (OCB), they do not require gas or oil filling and refilling. VCBs do not require oil handling system or an auxiliary air system and periodic refilling. The self-contained design of High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker boots the safety of their operation.

Safe operation

The operating system on vacuum circuit breakers is mounted on the front of the frame, while the live parts are usually mounted on the rear part. This means that the operating mechanism is isolated completely from the live parts. This makes vacuum circuit breakers to be safer when compared to other types of circuit breakers in the market.

A compact and lightweight mass design

Vacuum circuit breakers usually have a small switching stroke when compared to other types of circuit breakers. Therefore, it has a breaking unit that is smaller in size.  To ensure that you take full advantage of this compact and lightweight feature, the operating system is designed to reduce the mass and size of the circuit breakers. This means that it can fit in any type of orientation without any problem because it is compact and eats up less space, unlike the Molded Case Circuit Breaker.

Pollution free

Vacuum circuit breakers are friendly to our planet and the environment. This is because they do not use any gas or oil and this makes them pollution free. Therefore, if you are looking for a circuit breaker that is environmentally friendly, then the vacuum circuit breaker is the perfect option.

Stable breaking performance

The vacuum circuit breakers have unmatched insulation recovery characteristics. The vacuum interrupter allows it to quickly react from small currents and short-circuit currents. In addition, vacuum circuit breakers exhibit a more stable interrupting performance in out-of-phase currents and double earth fault currents. Circuit breakers will protect your devices just like most motor protection devices.

Low maintenance

There is no oil handling and period refilling when it comes to vacuum breakers. This means that no cleanups are required. Furthermore, vacuum breakers can handle about 10,000 operations at rates continuous current and over 20 full fault operations without the necessity for contact replacement. In addition, the fewer moving parts, lighter loads and simpler designs with modern vacuum cleaners make maintenance easy.

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