What to Look When Buying A CB Radio ? Beginner's Guide

Posted by stacy johnna on November 13th, 2018

If you are planning to buy a CB Radio then you should have a good knowledge of it else it will be a waste of money. Here, we brought a complete guide that will be going to help you for sure.

1. Squelch Control 

Squelch control is the most important feature of CB radio that is used for getting stronger incoming signals. It reduces white noise sound comes from the speaker. The higher you turn the squelch, the stronger the incoming signal will have to be in order for you to hear it.  

2. RF Gain

RF Gain filters the noise that comes from the atmosphere, nearby channels, and environmental surroundings.  It improves the receiver’s sound quality without reducing reception power as a CB Radio squelch does.

3. Automatic Noise Control

The CB Radio is useless if not having an Automatic Noise control feature. This feature works as a signal booster to transmit you the exact sound.

4. Weather Capabilities

Recently, we have seen many sudden incidents in the USA and it has been the necessity for weather support. It helps to truck drivers or travelers who go on long routes. The CB Radios are good at having access to local NOAA radio stations for real-time weather updates.

5. Instant Channel 9 & 19

It’s an emergency number so every CB Radio must have this feature i.e channel 9(emergency) and channel 19 (highway/truckers).

6. Backlit Display

Taking off the eyes while driving can become too risky and there might be chances of an accident.  To avoid such situations, you must go for the CB Radio comes with a Backlit display. It becomes convenient for the drivers at night.

7. Channel Scanning

A CB Radio scanner works like a Radio scanner and it scans all the channels for looking at an activity. When it finds any activity stops scanning and lets you listen in. This system is easier to find and tune without doing anything manually.

Best 4 CB Radio You can Buy

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cobra 75 WX ST comes with all impressive features including weather update, channel scanning, backlit display, and more. Due to its compact size, it’s popular amongst 4X4, Jeep, and other off-road vehicle drivers. So, if you are looking for a CB Radio with all features under the 100$ range then Cobra 75 WX ST would be a great choice.

2. Uniden PRO 510 XL – Best Heavy Duty Radio

Uniden Pro 510 XL is one of the favorites among mines and construction companies comes with 40-channels support. It has a built-in automatic noise limiter and squelches control to improve communication. It has a signal/RF meter, LED indicators to monitor activity. This is ultra-compact CB radio for easy mobility with 2 years warranty.

3. Midland 75-822 – Best Portable Radio


Midland 75-822 is like a superhero in the CB radio world because of its portable design and elegant features. It seems a little costly but really nice compact CB Radio and is well known as a walkie-talkie among the users. It may be a perfect choice for the car.

4. Cobra 148 GTL – Best Long Range CB Radio

While most CB Radios come with 4 watts of power, Cobra 148 GTL is equipped with 12 watts that are good for long-distance as well. It comes with a 9-foot Microphone cord and tone control. It has noise reduction and other required features.

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