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Posted by alice on November 13th, 2018

On the 21st, Gucci released the 2018 autumn and winter collection. This time,Designer Fake Gucci Bag creative director AlessandroMichele opened the show to a bright white operating room with a blue bed in the center. Show models hold quirky props in their hands: heads, snakes and dragons. In the description of Gucci's official website, the autumn and winter show was inspired by the philosopher Donna · Haraway published in the 1985 cyber declaration, emphasizing mixed breeds and reshaping identity. Cyborg is from English Cyborg, which refers to biochemical electronic people and transformation people.

Gucci's cyborg is a post-human, with a combination of eyes, half-human body, dragon's young chicks and two-headed man, and a poster on the catwalk scene. One of the climaxes of the show was that the two young models held their replicas of their heads between their arms and strode across the stage. Michele says it represents a struggle for personal identity, a metaphor for your head and thoughts. Identity is one of the themes of this fall and winter show. In Reuters' interpretation, Michele tried to make the audience realize that they were free to choose their identity without embedding themselves into the existing social cognitive framework.

In design, Michele is still eye-opening with its imaginative imagination and rich cultural elements. Vogue contributor Sarah Mower named the show a cross-cultural feast of Balaklava hoods, Chinese wide trousers, English tweed, Scottish plaid prints, Fair Isle sweaters, and Italian beige in the 80s. Color vintage suits etc. After Alessandro took over as creative director, the show itself became a gorgeous marketing. The eye-catching headwear and props were placed on the brand's Instagram with a close-up close-up, attracting young consumers who are different.
Our work as a creative person is like cutting, collecting and experimenting on the operating table, Michele said in an interview after the show. Michele believes that today's fashion design can't simply follow the commercial market. He sees that fashion is increasingly turning his attention to the society. Many brands hope to launch a discussion on a social issue through a fashion show or event.

Alessandro's talents are obvious to all. In the past two years, he led Fake Discount Gucci Handbags to complete a complete style change. In September last year, he launched the home product series Gucci Dé cor, which used the iconic animal totem and embroidery on home decorations. With the expansion of product lines, frequent explosions and new products, coupled with open marketing strategies and active e-commerce construction, Gucci quickly completed the brand renaissance in the past two years and became the leader in the luxury goods industry. In FY2017, Gucci recorded double-digit growth in all regions of the world, with annual sales up 42% year-on-year and 40% of Kaiyun Group's total revenue.

Gucci's growth currently relies mainly on ready-to-wear sales. In a recent performance conference call of the Kaiyun Group, Kaifan Group CEO Francois-HenriPinault predicted that Replica Cheap Gucci Bags will maintain double-digit growth in 2018. In addition to the new products and intensive creative marketing brought by Alessandro, Gucci is still reforming the supply chain and organizational structure. In order to keep up with sales growth, Gucci ArtLab, which Gucci plans to build, will be completed and put into production this year. Production and fabric purchases will be collected into internal teams to help Gucci increase productivity and shorten delivery times.

Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri also announced on the 20th that the company will usher in a new management organizational structure. Micaela LeDivelec, the chief consumer officer responsible for managing all of Gucci's sales networks, left the company, four executives shared different functions and reported directly to the CEO; the company also added a digital business innovation department.

Everyone is wondering how long Gucci's double-digit growth will last. From the brand's 2018 autumn and winter show, Gucci's innovation momentum is still unabated, and Alessandro's continuous creativity still makes young customers feel fresh. But after the freshness, what Gucci should think about is how to retain customers with new services and experiences.

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