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SWOT Analysis:

If at some point you have had to write strategies for a brand or company, we are sure that you will have used SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats). You can call it from the 4 forms and it will always be correct.

Let us find out the details of SWOT:

SWOT analysis is a fundamental part of strategic planning. The analysis or SWOT matrix helps us to evaluate the problems inside and outside the company. It is composed of an assessment of internal competencies such as strengths (S), weaknesses (W), and external competencies such as opportunities (O) and threats (T), where it provides a framework for strategic decision making.

The SWOT matrix can be used both for companies (small, medium and large) and for individuals for an exhaustive evaluation and thus determine the strategies. Through thisanalysis in your business plan, you can better clarify your short, medium and long-term strategies. Its use in the marketing mix plans is indispensable because it is a useful tool for the planning and analysis of the competition. Companies often provide a SWOT analysis in a graphical format with each segment represented in a different quadrant.


The strengths segment of a Value Chain Analysis provides an area to list everything you do well either individually or as an organization. This section contains the strengths of the organization and external strengths, such as relationships with clients. You must try to honestly reflect your strengths to maintain the integrity of this analysis. Feedback from others can also provide clarifications about strengths captured in this segment of the analysis.


The weak points segment contains necessary improvements within an organization or person. Group sessions can help your business identify areas of weakness and opportunities for improvement.


There are opportunities for improvement in all organizations. This makes the segment of opportunities for SWOT analysis important. Within this segment, you must identify internal and external opportunities. So get a complete list, you can support yourself with facilitating groups to identify these opportunities. You can add current and future opportunities for this segment of the quadrant.


To ensure success, organizations may have to deal with future and current threats. In the case of carrying out a SWOT for your business, a threat may be new competitors in the market; the fact of having it identified will allow you to implement countermeasures against this threat. For people to create a SWOT analysis for personal development purposes an example of a threat may be, such as job security problems.

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