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Posted by Nick Shaw on November 13th, 2018

Anyone can get money on a football bet, either because you bet on impulse or without thinking too much. But would not it be better to become a playful gambler to earn money in the long term with your football bets?

Before you should know that the money available and the control of emotions are fundamental rules to become a great gambler. However, most gamblers find it very difficult to comply with them.

No matter how well we go for a while, if at any given time we skip these rules we will surely have to grow again from the beginning. It's about organization, not playing for playing.We are here to win, or at least not lose if our goal is to add an extra spice to each game.

In this article we will present a series of rules so you can control your instincts. This way you will avoid losing everything you won in a football bet. In a few words, we will teach you to bet not to tell you why you should bet on a football team. Let that be clear!

Basic rules to win in football bets

As we said before, to win betting you must control your emotions. It is the key to maintaining a strict management of the bankroll or money available. Also to bet if you have an advantage over the fee; and most importantly, to maintain humility. You should never believe yourself better than you are, just to go through a good run.

Manage the bankroll

The most important thing is that you decide what percentage of your money you should bet on in a match or several football matches. As a personal advice, do not bet more than 10% of your bankroll in a single game or more than 30% in several football matches or any other sport. It is the best way to manage your bankroll and at the same time take advantage of your bets.

Respect the Stake

Always, always, you always have to respect the Stake. Stake is the amount of money that will be put into play, depending on the confidence that a bettor has in this case, in one or several football matches. You must value each bet from 1 to 10, with 10 bets safe and 1 bet very unlikely .So respecting it can be the difference between being a winning gambler with a healthy bankroll, or a big bettor with no money.

Stay informed

To bet on football you must be very informed of the events of all the teams, as it will be your best guide when making a consistent bet. For example, the absence of Lionel Messy in the next game of Barcelona, can vary drastically the quotas ;but if you are not informed of a news like this, you can risk making a bad bet and surely lose money.

Play in several houses

If you play in a single betting house you will be at the mercy of the odds that you want to put. This will leave you with no possibility to verify which the best market share is.

In addition, most of the bookmakers give welcome bonuses, which in addition to good management of your bankroll, consistent bets and following the guidelines offered in this article, you can get a lot of profit.

Betting on betting?Not again

As we explained earlier, it is not about betting on gambling. If you see that, after analyzing match by match , none convinces you, then do not bet, simply wait until the next day or until you see an interesting day to bet your money.

The fee is the key

In addition to betting on the best quota you have to decide if that quota is good .You only have to bet a fee if you think it is wrong and should be lower.You should always try to improve the fee you bet on.A few cents can decide if you are a winner or not in the long term.

Knowing football bets

These are the factors to take into account when knowing how to bet, to be able to earn money with a football game.

The casualties: To know which players will be in the football match for which you want to bet, you must be informed.A player's withdrawal may vary the share of a match and may be the difference between making a good bet or losing money.

Recent state of form: It is not the same to face a team that leads several defeats, that face a team that is on a roll and carries a series of good results.Keep that in mind before you bet.

Historical of matches: There are teams that for historical reasons are motivated in a special way before some rivals. For example there are fields where the two big ones, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​have much more rivalry supported by the public than in others where they assume that the extra effort of the team can hurt in future days.

For example, the Osasuna field is difficult for both teams.In the case of Real Madrid Sevilla or Valencia are hostile fields.

Here we go back to the same thing: play with the head not with the heart!

Motivation: Related to the previous point.To leave what is called to stop is not the same to go out to play a game of soccer being classified.This can mark the final result of a football game.Keep that in mind!

Eleven initial: Always look who plays; there are coaches who do rotations.But many times the team does not play the same, with some players than with others.

Beware of the ties that serve both teams: In recent times those matches where the draw is worth to both teams and that previously were taken as safe bets do not end in a tie so easily, and the odds prove it.

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