Artificial Intelligence: Opening New Doors to App Development Sector

Posted by Fluper on November 14th, 2018

Are you aware of the fact, that when an Android or iOS app is introduced to the market, it has several glitches? These problems fail to meet the requirements of the customers related to UX, UI, tiny bugs, and speed time. Nowadays, people use apps, in order to get the things done in a fast manner without wasting any time. Therefore, businesses should start investing about making these apps more advanced.

Here comes the AI to the rescue. Yes, Artificial Intelligence has initiated a completely new method and changed the notion of human-machine interaction. Yes, it is gradually changing the way mobile app development companies used to develop the apps.

Beginning of a New Era of App Development with AI

The growth in business productivity and the rise in user engagement are because of the enhancing the use of AI in the process of mobile app development. However, in order to develop a proficient app with the help of Artificial Intelligence, you need to hire the best mobile app development company. This is because developing an app is not enough; it should work as effortless as possible.

Today, in this article, I am going to mention the key importance of AI where it can help the mobile apps to be more advanced and result in a great UX for the users.

  • Personalization Capability

AI can know the customer behavior within a short time giving in-depth insights into the customer demands. One of the latest examples is Starbucks, which came up with an idea of AI mobile application known as My Starbucks Barista where users just need to mention what they wish for through a voice message and request would be set immediately. Also, Tacobell came up with a thought of an application called TacoBot collaborating with the slack.

Providing more personalization helps the organizations to expand sales, as well as traffic ultimately, which is helpful for increasing ROI and app engagement.

  • Better Predictive Reply

According to the iOS or Android app developers, just an app might not recognize the language of the user. Hence, the concept of predictive reply is necessary here. It is a communication between the device and the user where Artificial Intelligence technology deciphers the message and gives a response to it accurately. AI takes out the information from the available data sets, in order to check the existing state and forecast the result.

For example, Google introduced a Gmail app. The main feature of this application was the ‘Smart Reply’ with the help of artificial neural networks. These networks send suitable responses to all the emails. Moreover, this feature is linked with ML (Machine Learning, which examines the emails, as well as suggests prompt messages, you want to send. This forecasting of responses assists in quick chatting, making it simple for brands and customers to solve the questions in less time. The chat-bots communicates with the user in an actual way leaving an incredible impact on the user’s mind.

  • Voice-Based Search

There is no doubt that soon, the world will become completely dependent on machines. There are numerous companies who have developed intelligent machines to get their work done.

For instance, huge tech organizations, such as Amazon presented Alexa. With Alexa, you simply need to give the direction for the tasks and it will do it for you. According to the study of ComScore, by 2020, 200 billion searches for every month will be made; creating the market opportunity of voice search of + billion every year.

  • Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML together can do wonder in app development sector. As an example, Machine Learning AI blended app assists the doctor to check patient’s health. It even allows the doctor to prepare the alert medications that are mandatory on a specific date. This example shows that ML and AI can together transform the app development sector in a huge way. In fact, AI can result in some amazing apps to enhance your business productivity.

Final Thoughts

The increasing utilization of AI in app development services has completely transformed the business expansion, along with the users’ engagement. It assists businesses to produce the greatest revenue with a user-friendly UI.

The enhancement of AI is allowing new probabilities in the software organizations. In addition, it has already initiated to rule in the app market.

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