The top 5 ways to enhance your daily smoking experience

Posted by articlelink01 on November 14th, 2018

There are 101 different types of pipes available from wholesale smoking accessories suppliers. It is no surprise that there can never be any one smoking method that is absolutely perfect. Wholesale glass smoking pipes in Denver, Colorado have different shapes and materials. These can all affect the quality of the smoke. These are 5 tips that can help enhance your daily smoking experience.

1. Try a different tobacco or a blend of different tobaccos

Tobacco is affected by factors like the weather, body chemistry, the beverage used, the drinks you are consuming. All of these factors tie into the amount a tobacco is able to “bite”. It is a good idea to experiment with different types of blends. This can help you choose something that works for your specific needs. It is also a good idea to go for a different type of base for your pipes. While spirits and carbonated drinks are delicious for pipes, they can be really problematic. These can strip the mouth of the protective layers, which makes you more susceptible to a tongue bite. In fact, teas are absolutely wonderful for creating a base. You can even use tossed tea bags to brew them.

2. Letting the pipes rest

One of the most important steps to maintain your pipe is to let them rest for a while. Tobacco combustion produces, apart from smoke and heat, quite a bit of moisture. Briar, used in making pipes removes moisture. It also prevents it from being sucked back into your mouth with the smoke. However, the moisture does take some time to dry off. If you are looking for smooth smoke every single time, it rotates your pipes to let them dry. Look for wholesale smoking accessories suppliers or wholesale glass smoking pipes in Denver Colorado. These can help you drastically reduce prices for your pipe needs and enable you to collect more variants.

3. Cleaning different smoking pipes

One of the worst things in the world that can happen while smoking is tasting stale smoke in your pipe. People generally think using a particular blend for a particular pipe is enough. However, an unclean pipe can leave bitter and sour taste in your mouth and ruin the experience. It is actually easier to clean a pipe than you realize. This is true provided you know the process needed to clean different pipes. Glass pipes from wholesale glass smoking pipes in Denver Colorado require gentler cleaning. Compare this to metal pipes from wholesale smoking accessories suppliers, which are tougher.

4. A good prep routine before a smoking experience

Having a routine that works for your schedule and your specific smoking needs can really help you. They can ensure that you have a smooth and incredible smoking experience. It is important to have a good preparation mode. Start with the ideal pipe with wholesale smoking accessories suppliers or wholesale glass smoking pipes in Denver Colorado. Then, have the ideal beverage of your choosing ready to go, a smoking zone and an engaging read. You also need the time to truly enjoy the experience and wind down and relax.

5. Knowing the method of lighting suited to your pipe

There are hundreds and thousands of lighters on the market and none of them are built the same. Different lighting methods make or break a good smoke. It is very important to understand the different methods of lighting. Do a little bit of trial and error to find the ones that work for you.

With these tips, you can find the perfect daily smoking pipe for your needs.

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