Taking a Flotilla Sailing Trip in Finland

Posted by Dominik on November 14th, 2018

Want to enjoy sailing on the beautiful archipelago in Finland? If yes, then taking a sailing trip in Finland makes sense. Enjoy sailing from an island to island and navigate through the maze of islets boasting the soothing green forests around. For one-of-its-kind holiday adventure, consider booking a Sailing trip in Finland.

Probably it doesn’t come as a surprise to you that Finland is a beautiful land of unique landscapes, pure nature, thousands and thousands of lakes and the cleanest air around the world. Besides, every keen traveller knows Helsinki – the picturesque capital of Finland and of course Lapland – the home to Santa Claus, white winters, reindeer and Northern Lights.

The Finnish Archipelago offers thousands of uninhabited islands to discover. The horizon is flat, but well-forested, lush and green. With thousands of islands, charming towns and snug anchorages, Finland’s archipelago proves to be a beautiful setting for a summer adventure on a shared boat.

The sailing trip in Finland is generally organized in northern latitudes. But don’t stress as you can expect pleasant weather conditions during early July. The average temperature during this season remains around 20°C.

You should pack your swim wear, pullover for the evening and a jacket for the rainy days. In addition to, you can take what you want to make the most out of your time when you are in this natural sailing paradise.

Things to Expect on Finland Sailing Adventure

Archipelago Sea –

Take this opportunity to explore Finnish Archipelago – the densest archipelago around the world. Around 70,000 islands and islets wait for you in Finland.

Bonfire –

Sitting and cooking around the fire takes you back in time and makes you feel some primal instincts. It feels cosy, warm, and safe.

Forest on the rocks –

On your sailing trip, you will get to explore the mostly forested areas filled with tall and greenish trees that grow on stone with very little soil. The feel and views of the nature are picturesque.

Navigation adventure –

Being a dense archipelago, Finland is an ideal playground offering you an opportunity to improve your navigational skills. The Finnish people take a lot of care to prepare their charts and special markers known as kummeli on the land to assist the navigators.

The small villages –

The settlements you get to visit along the Finnish archipelago will have a couple hundreds of inhabitants at best.

Sauna –

Sauna is considered as a social gathering and a tradition in Finland. You will take this chance to enjoy public saunas to celebrate in the way the Finnish do. Actually, they chop the wood themselves, heat the sauna, enjoy the company and enjoy a swim in the sea to cool down.

Places to Visit in Finland


It’s a beautiful spot to start your sailing trip in Finland and embark onto the sailboats. You can enjoy local food and drink while getting to know each other a little better.


Ryskar – a beautiful and remote anchorage gives shelters from winds. The raw and uncovered surrounding, the trees as well as the mossy flat granite stones on the shore create a spectacular backdrop for evening get together on the yachts.


Bodo seems like a cosy refuge for yachties where you can enjoy sauna including the floating sauna, socialising and good food.


Krokskar is a beautiful forested bay which looks like a crescent moon. When you reach it, you will feel like being cut off from any civilization.


Brannskar is a small port for the sailboats, a little café providing homemade bread and a local theater group that organizes performances occasionally.


It’s the remote anchorage where you can get a chance to enjoy some music and sing along to make the most out of your sailing adventure.

Chieftains Hall

Enjoy a crackling fire, eat, drink and spend the evening to the fullest. No matter what, you will get back with unforgettable adventure-filled experiences to cherish forever.

Final consideration –

These are all of the considerations you need to take before planning for a sailing trip in Finland. Book your sailing adventure beforehand to make the most out of your vacation.

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