Understanding Litigation of IP Matters Latin America

Posted by Juanes Garza on November 14th, 2018

What is the first step to protect intellectual property that has big risk? It does happen on big company when they want to release a product that has invention on it, they will get big attention and there is always a risk on getting legal problem due to the intellectual property problem. Many people will claim that the idea came from the employee of one company and other could claim that the idea is their mine. It is wrong when you only neglect the fact that there will be always violation on intellectual property because the fact is far different from the thoughts. You have been warned about it. Thus, to make sure that the IP is protected, you may need to know the process for the next IP. You need to understand about litigation of IP matters Latin America. Litigation is about the baby step to the big step in registering the IP to court. It is not always about the registration but also further act when there is violation because you know that it will be long when there is a big problem regarding to the intellectual property you have. Thus, it is important to understand the litigation and how are the steps?

The first thing you have to do when you are going to protect the IP of yours or your company is to register the IP you have to the government. Your IP will be registered and collected in their data base and once there is false claim on your IP, government will take a look on database. It is important to register the IP first. The faster is the better. The next thing to do is monitoring your IP. If there is violation on it, you have to proceed with your attorney or lawyers too. You have to make sure the validity of the violation and then get in the case to get the details of the case. You can’t take it to the court immediately because you need time to validate the case and get it to the process of litigation of IP matters Latin America. Another thing you have to do after doing deep research on the problem is to bring it to the court. This is where your lawyers will do on court to bring back the IP to you. You don’t need much time after validating the issue, you just need to prepare the documents with the lawyers like Moeller IP on making fast litigation of IP matters Latin America.

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