Integrated food safety Standards To Meet Challenges

Posted by foodsafetyspecialists0 on November 15th, 2018

Food safety is a challenge these days concerning the hygiene and challenges facing the industry.The best way to manage food safety across the global supply chain ,ensuring regulatory compliance.We provide integrated and innovative solutions to meet today’s demands.The increased awareness of some of these large-scale foodborne illness and contamination events.The food we love is  sometimes contaminated and with germs that cause sickness and can even be deadly.New challenges to food safety will continue to emerge,because of :

  • Changes in our food production and supply,including more imported foods
  • Environmental changes leading to food contamination
  • Detection of multistate outbreaks
  • New and emerging bacteria,toxins and antibiotic resistance
  • Changes in the consumer preferences and habits
  • Changes in the tests that diagnose foodborne illness

The Food Safety Specialists organize Haccp Certification Training    to conduct a hazard analysis identifying the critical control points in the process and establishing CCP monitoring requirements.Establish effective recordkeeping procedures that document the HACCP system.We provide a 2 day HACCP training seminar certified by the international HACCP alliance. We provide guidelines for Haccp plan implementation.The Haccp program is basically a food safety management system that focuses on a proactive approach of prevention of hazards rather than inspection of finished products.Haccp addresses all biological,chemical and physical hazards associated with food safety.These programs can be used at various stages of production and processing to ensure food safety and protection of public health.

Apart from this the Food Safety Specialists organize Internal Auditor Training  to assess and make appropriate recommendations for improving the governance process in its accomplishment.The specialists provide you with the most significant resourcing tools to manage a project.They are the experts in providing short-term expertise.Promoting appropriate ethics and values.Ensuring effective organizational performance management and accountability.The training undergoes the skills to perform internal audits of quality management systems that you need to know to get started as an internal auditor.With intensive work they are able to personally endorse the quality of their work.The Interim Managers are well productive and are exclusively committed to embrace the problem,define the issues and take the ownership of the project.

The Food Defense act to protect food from an intentional developing,training and conducting exercises to battle against an intentional attack against the food supply.

Food safety audits are required for companies in the food manufacturing and processing industry.They determine possible problems in the preparation ,production and packaging of food products. Food Safety Audit  assists  the facilities to identify ways to strengthen food security. Food security involves prevention,minimizing ,or responding to the deliberate contamination of food products.They determine the possible problems in the preparation,production and packaging of food products.The Food Safety specialists provide  valuable auditing services,testing and verification studies to the clients. They work hard to ensure transparency and assurance of maintaining food safety standards by providing transparency and assurance that standards are being maintained.This transparency increases the collaborative capacity of stakeholders across the supply chain, and enhances safety, efficiency and continual improvement within individual organizations.

For more details on food safety regulations and audits visit the website


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