5 Ways To Use Cashew Butter In Your Daily Diet

Posted by kunalkapur049 on November 15th, 2018

Cashew butter is a type of nut butter which is as delicious as others. It is made with the help of roasted or raw cashews and is high in nutrition. Essential nutrients including calcium, Vitamin E, protein, riboflavin and iron are present in it. A moderate sum of fats such as oleic acid is contained in it which is actually healthy for the body. Incorporation of the butter in a variety of foods can make your intake tastier, healthier and unique. Here are 5 ways in which you can use cashew butter in your daily diet:

Cashew butter sandwich

The content of sugar and calories in cashew butter is way less than those in others. Having it on breads of whole grain can make for a healthy and delicious breakfast or lunch, as you might prefer. Super sweetened jams and other kinds of preserves that are usually used in sandwiches increase the risks of heart diseases due its high amount of fat.

Biscuits made with Cashew butter

The best use of cashew butter India makes is in biscuits. It is a good source of vegetable protein that makes the intake more delicious. There are certain recipes for making such biscuits at home for the clean eaters.

Hot cross muffins

Cashew butter can be incorporated in muffins which are perfect for snacking, as evening treats or in breakfast. They help in cutting down on the intake of sugar by utilizing the natural sugariness of cashew nut butter.


A great substitute for milkshakes, smoothies made with cashew butter are a close match with its rich smoothness. It is a healthy option for those with intolerance for dairy. It can be used as a dessert too.


It might be hard to find, but concoctions made with the creamy texture of cashew butter prove to be drool worthy. They blend in easily with your diet in the form of soups and offer new flavours too.

Different variations of cashew butter, like raw or roasted, have different taste appeals and nutritional values. It can be used in various ways to make your diet tastier and healthier. Just the right recipe will help you make the cut. The Butternut company, among others, provides one of the best cashew nut butter in India which can enhance your platter along with your well-being. Never hesitate in trying to new ways. Also, remember to use it in correct proportions.

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