Online Purchase Order System to Fast Track Sales and B2B Transactions

Posted by Vogueboard Inc on November 16th, 2018

Many companies can and do function without an automated Purchase Order processing in place. Why, then should you consider investing in an online purchase order system if others can get by without it? The answer to this is quite simple—to help you control your finances and accelerate B2B and sales transactions. To fully understand purchase order management, it is important to know what purchase orders all are about and how they can benefit your business. A purchase order is a buyer-issued document that serves as a first official offer to a vendor or seller. It indicates the type, quantity and agreed prices for the service or product being purchased. Typically, the purchase order (PO) goes through different stages of approval before being issued to a vendor, enabling an organization to evaluate the expense before actually pushing through with the purchase. It helps considering purchase orders as a pre-approval of a future expense. 

In some cases, a purchase order can be specific to a particular vendor. However, most POs serve as blanket documents that provide certain organizational departments consent to use a specific amount of funds for specific kinds of expenses. A proper purchase order system, especially one that is digitally supported can help organizational purchases to run smoothly and efficiently, while allowing businesses to control and track costs. Here are more ways by which an online purchase order systemcan be beneficial to business: 

  • Electronic PO systems such as an online purchase order system allow for tracking and control features as well as purchase order and invoice approval systems, which ensures proper monitoring and endorsement of purchases, big or small. 
  • Thanks to automated electronic systems, payment and invoice errors can likewise be avoided as human intervention is lessened. This also translates to a decline in deceitful and fraudulent activities in terms of sales and B2B transactions. 
  • Anonline purchase order systemalso helps improve accountability in many ways that traditional, paper-based systems simply can’t, such as ensuring that spending is within budget and alerting users before they go over their allotted budget. Discrepancies and duplications can likewise be addressed in real time, hence avoiding over-spending. 

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Vogueboard is a cloud-based B2B platform that enables building material suppliers and their customers to connect for networking and process transactions services online. Vogueboard offers an integrated ecommerce platform, CRM and Networking modules which provides all the necessary tools for a secure payment processing, and manage relationships and process online orders in a totally paperless medium.

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