Major Strategies and Risks behind Implementing Cloud Computing Programs in Today

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Cloud computing is a technology that provides computing services such as storing data and information in the virtual space or repository center, provision of hardware and software service, and provision of operating systems and other applications (Li, et al…, 2014). The cloud computing technology implements VMware technology to implement a virtual server. The organization planning to invest in cloud computing must take time in examining some factor that influencing the availability of the cloud computing services. The organization requires analyzing the openness and privacy issues that affect data and information confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility (Al-Saiyd, & Sail,2013). The organization requires considering and evaluating the service level agreements. The organization should take concern in understanding the open standards, the scalability, the licensing and pricing.

The Cloud Computing implementation strategy

The organization should consider the availability of the hardware and the software components that support the web-based applications. The organization should have infrastructure that supports access to the Internet to ensure that the organization can access network consistently (Dutta, et al…, 2013). The organization should ensure that they can easily receive technical support from the cloud computing service provider. The technical support is vital for the effective and efficient flow of activities within the organization. The organization should consider ownership and access to data and information belonging to the organization. The functionality and the applications provided by the cloud computing service provider should guarantee back end data retrieving when the contract ends or when services are removed. Organization should have freedom to withdraw data and information from cloud repository area.

Organization should consider the growth development of the organization. The data and information of the organization increased with time hence the cloud computing technology should support future growth and development as well as the expansion of the organization (Kushida, et al…, 2015). The organization should consider cost analysis to determine the viability of implementing the cloud technology. The cost considered should include capital expenditure, operational cost and overhead costs (Al-Saiyd, & Sail,2013). Return on investment must be considered.

Risks behind Implementing Cloud Computing

Data breaches: Cloud computing technology is subjected to data and information breaching if the database is not designed properly. If hackers and intruders gain access to an application of one client, the attacker can gain access to data belonging to all clients sharing the cloud (Al-Saiyd, & Sail,2013).

Data loss: Organization encounters valuable data and information loss as a result of data being deleted by the hackers or intruders. The data and information can be lost as result organization dealing with careless cloud computing service providers. The data and information may be lost as a result of cloud repository area encountering disasters like earthquakes, flood, fire, and hailstorms (Li, et al…, 2014).

Account or Service traffic hijacking: The organization may encounter stealing of account credentials used for login in or accessing utility services. Such occasions lead to constant eavesdropping to organizations transactions, and activities (Dutta, et al…, 2013). The situation can lead to the manipulation of data, the return of falsified feedbacks as well as redirecting the organization customers to illegitimate sites.

Denial of Service attacks: The cloud repository locations are subjected to encountering the denial attack by malicious codes and programs that may overwhelm the server by making it process continuous transactions exhausting the bandwidth to service the clients. The results of the DOS attacks is making the client pay more for unused bandwidth since the clients are charged regarding computer cycles and disk space (Kushida, et al…, 2015).

Malicious insiders: Poorly managed cloud computing service providing company may have irresponsible workers or former employees who manipulate client’s data and information to implement malicious acts. The malicious insider has a complete understanding of the system thus they can cause greater havoc (Dutta, et al…, 2013).


Organization should embrace proper planning while intending to implement the cloud computing technology. It is highly recommended that the organization should focus on considering vital properties like ensuring that continuous availability of services to the organization. Ensuring that data and information stored within the cloud has total security on privacy and confidential rights. The organization should also analyze the cost effectiveness of the entire systems. The security issues and risk associated with the cloud computing technology should be well understood by the organization to ensure that the defensive strategies and mechanisms are embraced. The  cloud computing  service provider should observe total security issues and parameters to ensure that the clients data and information is secure from possible attack by intruders,  hackers, and denial of services.



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