Oracle Database: Common Places Where You Can Use It

Posted by Oliver Mark on November 16th, 2018

Data management system allows companies to store, edit, modify and manage data. The data could be anything from customer information, account information, personal health information, etc. In other words, the data management system serves as a medium the data and the other-end users or applications, making sure the data is safe, organized and easily accessible. The Oracle is one of the most trusted and widely used database management systems. It was originally developed by the Lawrence Ellison and team in 1977. The increasing demand of the Oracle has also raised the need of database assignment help as students often face problems with technical writing tasks.

Common Places Where you can Use Oracle database

Students who are reading this article must be looking for some information on the Oracle database and places where they can use it.  As during the final year of their studies, most of the students get an assignment on the topic. In the below article, you can read about the most common places where you can use the Oracle database system.

Large size companies

The Oracle database can be used in large-scale companies to store, edit, modify and manage pre-defined data. As the oracle can support standard quality language which is one of the most common languages in the corporate sector. It has the capability to handle large size data which includes login details, employee details, customer details, product details, etc. The Oracle database is taking the corporate sector by storm.

Railway reservation system

A strong database management system is required to keep the track of the customer details, train information, departure and arrival time and the Oracle database is the best option available. With the help of Oracle, passengers can keep track of the timing of the trains without any issue.

Banking sector

The banking has become easier than ever all thanks to the data management system that has made it easier to keep the track of the transaction. Now, account holders can do the banking from the comfort of their homes.

Colleges and universities

Today, most of the examinations are done online which rises the need of the database management system to keep track of students taking exams. The Oracle database system store and maintain the student’s registration detail, results and all of the other information required.

Social media sites

Social media websites have become a part of our day to day lives. On the average base around millions of users signed up for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google plus but how do social media manage this huge data? The answer is Oracle database management system. Students who find it difficult to deal with the technical assignment can hire assignment writing help on database subject from BookMyEssay

So, these are the most common places where you can use the Oracle database management system.

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