Enjoy A Game Of Ping Pong Or Table Tennis ? With The Basics On Point

Posted by marryvoges on November 16th, 2018

In the ever-so competitive domain of sports and lucrative engagements that go hand-in-hand with every sport, globally or domestically – butterfly table tennis aims to achieve higher quality for better gameplay and enhanced competition.

When ping pong comes to your mind what do you usually think about? A blade that gives you the edge against your competitors or a butterfly ping pong game table that gives you the ultimate confidence to practice your high shots, the low curves, backhands, and other drives, which make the game exciting and enticing for all ages. At some time or the other, you’d probably have to make stringent decisions, whether to buy a table with sumptuous specifications or to directly go with the one that internet suggests you, as the best!  Experienced players will tell you, it is about how you enjoy the game and how you want to play it – that will decide what table you buy and what you won’t.

First, forget about the grand claims that any or every manufacturer will make in order to sell his or her stuff. Unless you want to represent your country or state at the highest level, there’s no way you are going to buy the most expensive set. Playing with friends and family can be a pastime hobby or something you do on a regular basis – whatever it is – has to be top-notch in terms of quality if you don’t want to be termed as ‘just another player’ who knows to play a bit.

The other factors to look into –

  1.  Portability factor: Whether or not you want to set up your table permanently –  if not, good roller tables with brakes allow you set up your table, de-rail it, and put it back in your storage yard. The same can be repeated anytime when there’s an imminent requirement to free up space in your living room or a part of the small accommodation.


  1.  Thickness meter: How much you’ve played will make you acclimatize to a certain age or thickness of the table wood top. Some argue 1-inch thick tops but most home-set tables require a maximum of 0.75 inch of thickness for the right and even bounce.


  1.  Level: The warping and bending effects can destroy your table’s evenness – so avoid denting or bending the table surface from any side and keep a check to get it leveled from time to time.

Apart from the thickness and leveling factors – check the net clamps – and avail a type that visibly has no scratching effect on your ping pong table.


Author’s Bio: The author is an avid blogger and the article is about ping pong tables.

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