Healthcare Sector is achieving better outcomes with Digital Transformation

Posted by FluperAppDevelopment on November 16th, 2018

In present times, the healthcare industry is experiencing the most rapid pace of innovation. Healthcare is the major industry that is escalating to newer heights in the present era of technology.  We have already seen how the Internet of Things has proved a blessing for the healthcare sector.

Let’s see how digital transformation has changed the face of the healthcare industry -

The Power of Distant Treatment

In the healthcare sector, telemedicine has been the biggest package from the mobile app development services. The telemedicine has significantly changed the way the patients receive the treatments as it completely provides a new horizon. Now, patients are not restricted to limitations of scheduling an appointment with the doctor, waiting for his turn. Now, patients can get the quality treatment from their home but you only need a well-connected internet & Smartphone device. The entire process not only saves time but also money.  Telemedicine is getting popular day by day because you can easily consult doctor through video conferencing and receive their prescription using the devices.

Better Management of Patient Data

Sometimes, hotel management staff finds it difficult to store and manage the patient data, invoices, and health records.  However, with the development of IoT technology and digital transformation, manual work is not needed.  It not only instigates the process of digitalizing the entire data and this is the reason it provides us with a seamless result. Overall, digital transformation has given the scope as well as space to develop workflows and centralized data storage. All this prove extremely advantageous for the hospital staff to retrieve the data.

Improved and Faster Interaction

It is not possible that every time the doctor is available within the hospital premises. In such situations, when patients are facing life threats then staff is required to take immediate action and in such situation, digital transformation can prove a life savior. Through video communication, medical staff can take complete advice and the doctor can receive the current medical status of the patient in real-time.  If you are a doctor and you need a mobile application for your hospital then hire Android application Development Company & discuss your requirements.

The Cloud and Mobile Access

When a person has to wait to get the report card then definitely it becomes most anxious and nails biting moment. It is the perfect place where cloud and mobile access can prove its worth in providing the accessibility to the patients to view reports from anywhere and any time of the day. In 2018, it is also predicted that about 65% of communication with health care professionals as well as app developers would take place on the phone. On the other hand, the major concern is security issues as the data is stored in the cloud.  Due to these things, the healthcare industry has taken a serious note on it and enforces the HIPAA laws so that nobody can breach the cybersecurity.

Collaborating with Wearable Devices and IoT

We all better know that IoT has created a huge impact on the tech market and also prove one of the core gifts for the healthcare sector. With the help of IoT connected devices, doctors, as well as healthcare staff, can easily monitor the prevailing condition of the patient. As the technology is booming day by day, we all are witnessing a dramatic change in the entire system. There is no doubt in saying that wearable devices have helped a great deal in reducing the dependency on bulky medical equipment. The best part is a person can conduct blood tests as well as other tests at home and the result would be sent to the doctor in the real-time to get the instant feedback.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

There is no doubt in saying there is the great importance of big data in the healthcare industry. On the other hand, there also exists risk bearing factors that are related to health hazards. Overall, artificial intelligence is the best combustion of the Internet of Medical Things, wearable devices as well as big data. The adoption of artificial intelligence in health care has solved various problems of patients, hospitals as well as the healthcare industry.


With the development of digital transformation, Big Data, and the Internet of Things, the healthcare sector is moving in the right direction. The latest technologies not only reduced the human effort to a great extent but also have proved extremely advantageous for patients. The most exciting part is that it has curtailed the medical expenditure bill of the patients, empowering them appropriately. With the development in digital transformation, now patients don’t have to wait in long queue to get the treatment as it has introduced Telemedicine. Now patients, as well as hospital staff, can access to medical reports using the cloud and mobility. All in all, the healthcare sector is moving to the next levels along with the Internet of Things.

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