Top Companies Designing Technologically Advanced Devices of Access Control Dubai

Posted by Jessica Beak on November 16th, 2018

In the present age, several technologically advanced products and services are getting introduced in the market. Needless to say, these products have extensive usage in the business world. Gone are the days, when everything needed to be done manually, now most of the work is done by machines with the least requirement of manual labor.

Companies offering advanced software and products for a digitized world

Every enterprise needs to keep a track on the attendance of its employees and the day-to-day work proceedings. Previously, all had to be done manually, which was quite a mammoth and bothersome task. All thanks to the companies, which have come up with certain software and products, which can make these tasks easier and faster. The products and services offered by these Dubai based companies are –

  • Fingerprint access control
  • Fingerprint scanners
  • Fingerprint sensors
  • Biometric readers
  • Biometrics time attendance
  • Biometric door lock security
  • Card punch access control
  • Biometrics equipment
  • Fingerprints standalone modules
  • Fingerprints online readers
  • Fingerprint items
  • Biometrics fingerprint software
  • Time clock recorders
  • Time attendance integrated solutions
  • Fingerprints time attendance
  • URU digital persona sensors
  • Bundy clock

Different kinds of biometric devices of door access control Dubai are provided by these companies and these include – biometrics door lock access control, automatic fingerprints access control, biometric door lock security products, and much more alike.


Devices ensuring authorized access

The devices of access control Dubai help to check and verify people via biometric fingerprint recognition, face recognition, card punch, iris and smell or aroma recognition, hand participation, etc.

Designing software having useful, advanced features

Other than various access control devices, highly advanced software is designed by the experts of these organizations. This software can be used for various official purposes and can make your everyday documentation works simpler, easier, and faster.

Technologically advanced systems designed that can prevent fraudulence

  • Fingerprint attendance: The automatic fingerprint attendance systems have replaced the manual registers and are absolutely useful in preventing fake attendance, ensuring accurate records of employee working hours, and keeping track of the holidays.
  • Access control system operation: This system prevents unauthorized access in the organization.
  • Time recorder: These devices come with biometric fingerprint, palm, or face recognition features and keep an exact record of the time devoted by the employees in the organization.
  • Guard patrolling system: This system helps in checking and ensuring that the security officers are patrolling as per the established techniques in a timely manner and are covering all the important areas of the organization and its premises.

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