Content Duplication ? A Cause to Remove the Channel by Youtube!

Posted by Albert Lee on November 16th, 2018

Youtube has brought a sensational change in its policies according to which it does not allow any duplication in the content. It started eliminating the channels from its partner program due to the existence of duplicate content. The channel must follow the policies prescribed by the Youtube else the channel can be removed from the Youtube partner program. Most the topic that is commonly on the discussion is about duplication. As most of the people are still unclear and confused about it one of the representatives has initiated a thread at the hip forum of youtube to have an open discussion and to make it clear to the people especially the policies regarding this duplication matter.

What policy youtube has made regarding the duplicate content?

According to the newly implemented policies channels are only permitted to put value adding contents that must be fresh, unique and relevant. It some cases it even allows to rechanneled the content from another source to monetize them but the conditions must be fulfilled as it must be relevant to put or add some educational value. Some noteworthy and innovative commentary should be added to the content and it must be in a form of description. The content must bear a super editing.

Obtaining a commercial use right by the channel to employ the content from other sources will not be sufficient enough until it meets the above criteria prescribed by the youtube partner program.

What are the criteria for duplication?

If the content seemed to be repeatedly generated or has been taken from another source without giving a unique input to it.

If the content is already uploaded by some other party of the channel or at some other source and the youtube channel is not the inventive one for the content.

Another criterion is that if the content uploaded by a channel trapped by youtube copyright tools as not a unique content.

What are the remedial measures?

Youtube provides an opportunity to the channel to rectify the error by removing the duplicate content or update the existing content to add on some uniqueness to it. After making such amendment the channel can reapply for the program. The final decision would be taken by youtube. Click here to learn more about the best SEO Company.

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