Traditional vs contemporary mode of dentistry in Singapore

Posted by manas on November 16th, 2018

Technology has advanced to such an extent that lasers are involved in cosmetic dentistry. Fillings of the dental today come in the category of cosmetic dentistry where many materials of the tooth are used for enhancements. The treatments that are associated with it are:-

Enhancing the smile - for overall appearance, dentists in Singapore perform an aesthetic setting of the teeth. But along with smile enhancement, you have to go in for other procedures as well.

Implanting veneers - veneers are used for those who have gaps in between the teeth. Further, if the whitening process of the teeth is not improved then the veneers help.

Whitening of the tenth - most common form of the cosmetic procedure of teeth is teeth whitening. A tooth does go wear and tear combined with strains on the teeth which is difficult to remove hence bleaching helps.

Indirect fillings - inlays and onlays made of materials such as porcelain provide as a filling to the teeth in place of a structural damage of the tooth.

You can also go in for a full mouth reconstruction. The cost of cosmetic dentistry in Singapore is usually high and it depends from one kind to another. Dental care is important even after you opt for cosmetic dentistry. Usually, not all methods work as teeth whitening might not enhance your smile hence, opting for composite dental bonding and veneers of the porcelain variant are some of the other options. Similarly, dental veneers are not suited for those who do not consume good products on a daily basis. So, tooth whitening before dental veneers is considered appropriate in some cases. The daunting task of confusion never ends as you tend to become confused with all the methods to chose at first and which one to chose later on. Also, a selection of some methods of the cosmetic dentistry is advisable before going in for a complete makeover. Researching before going in for the cosmetic dentistry is always advisable.

Proper accreditation of the cosmetic surgeon who performs the dentistry is important. Proper planning and then executing the plans help. However, the level of sedation also has to be checked before you go in for any of the Dentist in Singapore.

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