Few Regular Inspection Increases Lifespan of a RV Air Conditioner

Posted by My12voltstore on November 17th, 2018

It is the RV air cooling conditioners that you need when you are seeking an installation that non-ducted as well as the one without hassles. Many of the models have 15000 BTU each hour and it is considered one of the most high-performing models. A RV air conditioner uses coolants that are environment-friendly. After, mounting the unit’s top onto RV’s roof, you can simply plug the unit of control without any complex wiring.

Details about the built of the conditioners

The model of an RV air conditioneris designed in a manner that it can withstand toughest conditions and uses materials of high-grade. A base-pan made of metal is rigid and provides a solid foundation. Also, while sturdy frames constructed of a foam and metal minimizes the vibration and permits units for operating quietly. Evaporator’s cooling fins improve the efficiency of the conditioner besides washable and removable filters keep interior of RV and air clean and free from particles.

The ways you can elongate the lifespan

Yes, any air conditioner is self-sufficient, mostly but one should annually provide them a great appearance for making sure everything is fine. Depending on where you might be traveling, your RV air conditionerhas to operate at peak efficiency.These are some ways to maintain the AC.

Making sure that AC is inspected from the rig’s inside

Under the shroud of plastic over RV’s ceiling, you can find two or one elements of foam filter. They needs to be washed with soapy water that is warm and later reused. While the shroud is off, it is advisable that the area is vacuumed so that ductwork can be thoroughly cleaned.

Not trying to make it run on 30 amps and less circuit

A RV conditioner ages up to an extent that it completely stops cooling, and turns out to be scrap metal. They are designed in a manner that they can be recharged and simple repairs associated with RV AC’s are anything but economical. A capacitor might fail if you try running the AC on electric circuit lesser than 30 amps. You have to avoid a low-voltage condition, called brownout.

Fins have to be kept straight

The cooling fins conditions have to be checked more often. Vanes that are bent-over have the air flow restricted and eventually reduce the cooling ability of it. Straighten the fins with a dull knife.

Looking for water intrusion and leaks

While one is not on the roof, check the AC to be mounted securely. It has to be made sure that rubber foam gasket between roof and AC is not loose so that water never enters the camper. 

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