Mississauga Electronics Recycling for Your E-Waste

Posted by peterhomes on November 17th, 2018

E-waste is fast growing, and that surge brings forward the need of efficient Mississauga electronics recycling. With increased awareness about environment and health, people are constantly on the lookout for e-waste recycling programs in their locality. By availing these programs, they can not only get rid of their obsolete equipment in a safe and effective way, but also minimize risk of identity theft and information leak. Let’s see how a Toronto electronics recycling company can help resolve such a situation.

What is e-waste?

When your cell phone stops working, or when you trade it up for an updated model, have you ever thought where did your old phone go? Like all electronic devices, including flat screen TVs, washing machines, lamps, laptops and batteries, it just didn’t disappear. It turns into e-waste, or electronic waste. It is a category of trash that has risen to hefty amounts over the last few years all across the globe. This e-waste contains precious metals worth billions of dollars. They also contain a wide range of other valuable components that can be retained and recycled to make new products. When left to lie in the landfills, they emit harmful rays that are dangerous for the environment, and also for the mankind. That is why, it has become excessively important to dispose off your old electronic goods in a responsible manner, and Toronto electronics recycling is one such way. The process involves recycling or refurbishing these discarded products, so that they do not go wasted in the landfills.

Importance of Toronto Electronics Recycling

  • Precious metals can be recovered: Electronic waste contains significant amounts of precious metal deposits, but unfortunately, only a very small percentage of them are presently being recovered and reused. This leads to wastage of our resources, and increased cost of production. This is why battery recycling Toronto is of due importance.
  • Helpful in managing solid waste: Because electronics industry is ever growing and developing, electrical goods have a comparatively shorter life cycle. Solid waste can be managed with electronics recycling effectively
  • Get rid of toxic materials: Old electrical goods contain a wide range of toxic substances, including mercury, lead, chromium and cadmium. They also contain toxic chemical flame retardants and heavy metals. Proper processing of these goods can ensure that such substances do not get released into the atmosphere and harm the environment.
  • Saves people’s health: Uncontrolled movement of electronic waste can result in spread of health risks from one place to the other. Residents may get exposed to their harmful toxins and create a cause of concern. That’s why proper Mississauga electronics recycling is all the more important for people’s health

How to Dispose Old Electronic Goods Responsibly

You have access to several recycling opportunities and programs if you are living in Mississauga or Toronto. The best choice would be to donate your old electrical goods that may be reused or refurbished. Don’t forget to delete your personal information from the device before donating it. Other options would be to hand them over to authorized recyclers, take back programs or recycling events. COM2 Recycling Solutions is one such service provider that takes the responsibility to recycle your old goods in a safe and effective manner.

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